XTC - Live in Swindon - 1977

September 3rd 1977
Here's a great Viewpoint recording from 1977 - XTC performing live at the Oasis at a benefit concert for good old Swindon Viewpoint itself.

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1. Colin remembers....

The word from the chap on the mic is...."I think it might have been at the Oasis.Viewpoint  i think  actually filmed it in the very first week of sept  '77On our very first, gig after being signed by Virgin"best, Jon

2. Venue

Could have been the SVP benefit gig at the Oasis, we used 3 cameras, one of which was on a scaffold between, I think, the two stages, other bands included Wheelz and I think Dave James did a set as well

3. Venue

It's definitely not The Affair, which had a tiny stage. The stage height suggests the Brunel Rooms but I'm unsure how the overhead view would have been achieved as there was no upper level.

If it was the BR then it may be June 17th, when they opened for The Adverts and The Damned, a gig that was definitely featured by Viewpoint. This was at the height of the nasty spitting fad and The Adverts suffered the worst ordeal by expectoration I ever witnessed.

4. Mmmm

I can't remember well .... (twas ageees agooo) .. I remember filming XTC in a city gig with Terry (Bones) Fairhead somewhere around this time ... Both Oasis and Brunel sound familiar ... more likely not June as I vaguely remember coolness ... but again not at all sure !

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