Through the Mists of Time - The vote on Europe

July 1st 1975
Swindon Viewpoint
Swindon's news for June 1975 is very appropriate - featuring as it does the last referendum on membership of Europe. Part of our series of programmes looking back on our 40 years of Community TV

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1. EU referendum

This is fascinating. It's part of a Friday night transmission called Adverscan, in which reporters from the local paper - then the Evening Advertiser, or 'Adver' present a summary of the weeks news from the paper. Usually they showed photos shot for the paper by the news photographers, but on this occasion, Station Manager, Richard Dunn had decided to send producer Nick Dean out on the streets to vox pop the public on the day of referendum. The reporter, whose name escapes me, then gives a summary of the results of the vote, which was a resounding YES! Something tells me we might be re-living those moments in the not too distant future...
For the record, this was the month I joined Swindon Viewpoint to replace Mike Barrett, who had gone up to Milton Keynes to start their community station.
Great piece of history. Rupert.