Teddy White and the Popular Boy Crooners

July 1st 1985
Emerging from the depths of our archives; here's an iconic act of the 80's, 90's and even today (see Pignose elsewhere on the site). We think this incarnation of the ubiquitous Teddy White Band was Teddy White and the Popular Boy Crooners from the mid eighties, and it looks like it was probably filmed at the Reuben George Hall in the Parks. But as usual, contact us if you have better information.

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1. No Crooner Said Than Done

It is indeed TW & the PBCs. According to the archives of the Swindon Rock & Roll Hall of Infamy, the most likely candidate for this performance is Friday 15th Feb 1985 at the British Legion, Shaftesbury Avenue.

Notes for the evening read: "Awful. PA breakdown. Chaotic." I recall that, on a suitably cold and frosty evening, the audience formed a similar judgement.

The reaction here: single bloke staring with hands in pockets, is unrepresentative of the band's performances as there was quite a strong local following at the time. But not at the Legion, evidently.


This band was a major part of my youth before moving to America. There was a large following of this band, and you were right. They would not let us in the Leigon. :-)

3. I wonder...

Might you be Elliot by any chance?

Audio of an almost complete TW gig from 1985 can be downloaded here.

It appears that the Swindon Rock & Roll Hall of Infamy archive may have suffered moth damage. Additional footage of the performance does not appear to show the British Legion venue (which was razed years ago). The Ruben George Hall therefore does seem a good candidate.