Swindon Viewpoint Titles

October 1st 2006
Alan Parry - animation, Hannah Parry - art work
The Swindon Viewpoint Titles were reproduced in 2006 based on an archive tape copy of the original.

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1. SVP Ident

Details Hannah made an EPS of the logo in Adobe Illustrator by tracing over on a scan of a letter head. I animated it in Adobe After Effects by using a grainy 70s version of the original ident to overly the new one and mimic the same motion style. The colours have been shifted a little as the original ones had a very dirty look to them, that's the 70s for you.

The original was animated by hand a frame at a time.

I'd like to see it re-done at some point with a more modern version. Perhaps we could run a competition for suggestions.

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