Storytown - John Monniot

January 10th 2010
Martin Parry, Gurch Singh
A series where you tell your tale of living in Swindon. Often people tell us of what they think could be improved to help us debate the future. Do you agree with John Monniot? - recorded here in late 2006. Add your own comments for the forum below (you will need to register on the site to make a comment but it only takes a moment). Even better, why not do a 'Our Swindon' yourself? - perhaps from a different perspective, please let us know via the contact form if you would like to. You do not need to be part of any organisation

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1. Your Swindon

The first version of this was by mistake the full interview and a little long for these purposes, sorry! We feel we ought to keep these concise to enable focus and stimulate debate. More from John Monniot at a later date.