Nigel Sawyer performs in the Viewpoint Studio

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I cut under Keigo for the inside line and come out on top in the last curve.

I cut under Keigo for the inside line and come out on top in the last curve..

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Brock ejected..

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January 1st 1978
Performance: Nigel Sawyer
There was no label on this tape but it seemed to have been recorded in the Viewpoint studios in 1978. Mr Haddock was able to update the records and informed us this was Nigel Sawyer, who also played in the local bands Left Hand Drive and Le Metro. Thanks to Mr Haddock

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1. Update

Nigel told me today that the sound problem stems back to some recording issues on the day. Funny to see Mr Davenport Sawyer with a beard! Nigel is living by the coast these days and still recording. Great to see him here.

2. hmmm....

I would not have guessed this was Nigel! Is there something wrong with the sound (playing slow) or is just my computer?

3. hmmm...

This appears to be Nigel Sawyer, who I believe also played in the local bands Left Hand Drive and Le Metro. A good egg and working composer, producer and arranger.