A New Trike just after the War

July 1st 1952
A.G. Morris
It must have been difficult to afford such a nice tricycle during rationing after the Second World War but this little girl is in luck. The little girl is Helen Arkell and her sisters are Janet and Julia, neighbours of the innovative deaf filmmaker, Alex Morris, who lived in Westlecot Road. Any further information you can provide would be appreciated. Thanks to Jeff Brien for saving this collection from the skip. Restoration and digitisation by Martin Parry

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1. Childhood rediscovered!

It's been such a joy to see these films and be reminded of people and events of long ago. I was very proud of that trike - a red Gresham Flyer - with a boot! The other trike in the film is ridden by Desi (Desmond) Quigley who arrives with his sister Deirdre. They were the children of Dr Quigley, a GP in the town, and lived along the road. In those safer times, Desi and I travelled on the bus to Holy Rood School without any adult, even crossing at the bottom of Victoria Rd on our own. Those were the days! Thanks to Martin for restoring the films.