LaZer in the Viewpoint Studio

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Logan wastes no time jumping out, both hands on his pistol, aiming it at the man’s head.. Celano’s abstractions quieted the room. There was a coded charge to the words, though the code was neither one he had encrypted nor one he was necessarily equipped to decipher. A murmur came from the workers as Celano stepped down from the podium and re-entered the partitioned space. They clapped with calloused hands. The taps shot beer into chilled mugs. They returned the tables to their places and began to play games of nine-ball, in teams.. “Just because a woman is inside the temple walls doesn’t mean she’s safe. Demivalle and the otherleinas who run the temple try to have guards in place, there are ways of doing things that are supposed to protect the priestesses, but you can’t protect against everything all the time. Sometimes the women can’t cry out, and sometimes they can but they don’t. You’re told you’re supposed to please, that pleasure is the apotheosis of your faith. There’s no space for second-guessing. No space to say,‘Wait.’ It’s the clients, half drunk and emboldened because they paid,donated, whatever-but it’s not just the clients, it’s thewhole place. If you’re not a conduit of pleasure, you don’tbelong, and so the priestesses and priests suffer what’s done to them. The clients go away, but Ciena’s most holy carry their wounds inside.”. “I have to go. I can’t be late again.” She pulled on her coat and lunged out the door phentermine to buy uk then turned and reached out. For a moment he thought she was reaching for the baby and he began to smile. But she just squeezed his hand again, hard.. «That's well and good,leshy phentermine to buy uk and I do thank you. But what about those beings that might be living in the forest? Does the protection extend as far as— ". When Young Sean phentermine to buy uk the village simpleton, had come to tell her that Aidan had fallen into a fever, she’d gathered her herbs and charms and raced to the cottage he shared with his mother. The widow had grudgingly opened the door, her eyes narrowed in animosity. Eileen had handed the woman the herbs for a soothing tisane. Then, as planned, Young Sean caused a racket, freeing the widow’s chickens and chasing them about the yard..

Merk heard the awful sound of hundreds of good men dying up there, and he watched in horror as the dragons swept down, talons extended, and smashed the fort of Knossos into pieces. This sacred and proud place, which had stood for thousands of years, was no more..
June 1st 1977
LaZer recorded in the Viewpoint Studio in 1977. see comments below for band line-up

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1. laZer

This was my mum's band laZer, The line up is Pat Mulley now Thomas on Vocals, Mike Shipway on Lead Guitar, Steve Dixie on Bass and Clive Compson on Drums. The Songs were original except the last 1. They were called 1. Check it out, 2. Highway Cruiser, 3. Go To Hell, and Johnny be Good - Status Quo version x This was amazing to see and a copy if possible would be fantastic!!!! and does anyone else know where the guys are in this band?????? Hope this helps x xCasey Arman-Jones

2. LaZer

Thanks for the information Casey. Does your Mum have a date for the recording? even approximate? We have another tape labeled 'Laser', so could be the same band? Due to be digitised soon so keep an eye on the site. These recordings should remain here for you to view whenever you want to.

3. approx 1977 as mum thinks she

approx 1977 as mum thinks she was 19 x x x