Kids at play in the seventies

We've found an early unlabelled recording of children playing in Swindon, perhaps at the Richard Jefferies adventure playground and probably around 1975. If you can provide any information we will gladly include it. Maybe you are one of them!

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1. London not Swindon

benefic ial I think you will find this was shot in London and not Swindon. The chimneys in the background rather give it away as Battersea. There certainly are not and have not been any chimneys like that in or around Swindon.

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effective resources There is also a comment by one of the kids after 33 seconds about " . you go to Swindon with this . . ?" " yes it will be shown on Television there"

buy phentermine adipex p suprenza The accents are pretty much London rather than Swindonian.


phentermine online legal There are trains heard in the background so this location must be near a railway line and looking at a map of Battersea Power Station area of London and the angles of the four chimneys in the video the location of this is most likely to be Battersea Park very close to the railway. Using Google Maps the likely location is either 109 Battersea Park Road or on what is now the QVC building on Queensway Road.

Go Here One intersting point is that today if a man were to set up a camera in a kids playground he would most certainly be arrested! How times change.

2. Kids playing

a great deal more Thank you David for the detective work on this. It seems likely that it will have been shot by Swindon Viewpoint as part of a project on Swindon adventure playgrounds in the early seventies as there are several such programmes already uncovered, perhaps they were looking for examples elsewhere