Katz; Talking bout you

January 11th 1980
Snazzy music video made by Katz at our studio and played on Beat Town programme

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1. Katch Katz

Hi you hip viewpointsters. Good to see these clips again after 30 years. The latest is that Katz will hopefully be playing a reunion gig in Swindon later in the year. It's 25 years since our friend and singer Tim died, so it's a good reason to dig out those old leopard skin jackets and prance around like ninnies for an hour.

If any other bands from that time happen to be looking in maybe you could join the show.

Roger Mann (aka Lom de Terre)

2. KATZ Reformed

That sounds like an excellent idea - however, our singer, Tim (AKA Kit E Litter) sadly passed away some years ago. If someone felt bold enough to step into Tim's shoes, and the other guys were up to it, it would be an opportunity that would be difficult to refuse!
Malcolm (AKA Junk Bamberger)

3. Katz

Blimey, what a shock to see this video after all these years! Fortunately, the music hasn't aged at all and the band still sounds amazing.

I'm the bloke in sunglasses playing guitar by the way....;-)

Junk Bamberger.

4. Thanks for the update

Thanks for the update Junk.

Fancy doing a write-up on how this came to be made? We're sure people coming to this site would love to see the records updated with a bit more info about the band and how the video came to be made.

5. Katz

Thanks for the questions. Maybe the other guys will add their comments here - I don't want to hog the site. Come on Martin, Roger, Chris...!

Is there anyone out there who heard/saw us play around Swindon? It would be great to hear from anyone that came to our gigs.

By the way, does Swindon Viewpoint have any other Katz material to put on the site?

All the best,

(AKA Malcolm)

6. More Katz

The short reply to that is 'probably..' Many of the tapes are not labelled with detailed contents and we have loads more to upload. If there are more recordings of Katz they should be there somewhere in one of the many boxes and will eventually emerge - so keep checking on the site

7. Katz again

By the way, we've had a request (via the contact route rather than the forum) to start a movement to reform 'Katz'.

Now obviously that's a little beyond our remit here....but.... if you'd like to make another video??..... we're here to help....

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