'Impact Adhesive Man' - Early Bathers

purchase alprazolam cheap March 16th 1980
The Band 'Early Bathers' were on the EP 'Swindon' This is Swindon' - here is their video of the track

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1. Unsticking the title...

The name of this composition is actually http://sweetsmilesdentistry.com/custom-essay-writing-reviews/ Impact Adhesive Man. Copies of the 7" single from which it's taken: Swindon, This is Swindon (a showcase of four local bands), are reportedly now sought after by collectors of 70s/80s DIY releases.

Curiously, the audio track comprises only one of the stereo channels. As producer Dave James’ mix employed Sergeant Pepper style hard panning, certain instruments are not present here. These include contrabass sax, banjolele, tombola, and a fuzz kazoo solo.

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http://livepixelsphotography.com/details Rumours that the Bathers’ portion of the vinyl was impregnated with Evo-Stik in order to cash in on the glue sniffing craze are without foundation.

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