I'm A Woman - The Teddy White Band

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January 5th 2014
Cameras; Martin Parry, Colin Radbourne, Oliver Woodward, Darren Potter, Alex Secker, Sound Engineer: Paul Bullimore, Grip: Sam Howitt, Production Assistants: Melanie Potter, Jenny Chapman, Video editor: Martin Parry
A first interpretation from the Swindon Viewpoint Anniversary Concert, with Anish Harrison giving a particularly powerful take on a Muddy Waters standard

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1. Teddy White band.

When I left Swindon to move to the USA back in 1986, there was a few things I knew I was going to miss. 28 years later most of those are now in the past. But there are 3 things I still miss. STFC, Swindon Robins and THE TEDDY WHITE BAND. If you have not heard them before, you MUST go see them. Brilliant.