Ian Doeser - I'll Never Know

January 12th 2011
Martin Parry, Colin Radbourne
For posterity, the inimitable Ian Doeser is captured here performing at the end of the Beehive's recent 'Save the Tiger' fundraiser. To set the scene, it's been a long and eventful night, much liquid has been imbibed, things are beginning to get a little loose around the edges....

1 comment for " Ian Doeser - I'll Never Know".

1. Fantastic!!

http://livepixelsphotography.com/tag/出雲 Brilliant - my song I'll Never Know being performed with Huey Carroll on bass! Jon on guitar, I see Ro on sax there and Mark Henley on drums (he hasn't played this song in 19 years or so!!). Well all I can say is I am honoured to have one of my tunes performed in the Swindon Beehive! Wrote that in the launderette on Groundwell Road when I was 17 in 1991. Twenty years on it is still going! Well who'd have thought it. - Erin Bardwell


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