Flying Man - Chris Edmonds

cost of phentermine without insurance April 6th 1980
Chris Edmonds, after a long time active at Viewpoint announces he is flying away. Anyone know where he is now?

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1. It's a slimmer me

phentermine capsules 37.5 mg I remember it well, my old friend Mark Eyres was the cameraman and helped edit it together, last I heard he was working for Avid in in Melbourne, would love to hear from him. I moved to South Africa in April of 1980, met my future wife, started a family and lived there for 10 years, just before the elections I was offered a job in the US, so we packed up and left for cooler climes (in more ways than one). We moved to Andover, Massachusetts, put the 3 boys through college and then moved to the closer to the Ocean in Newburyport, MA. Boys are grown and moved away, and we have 3 Grandkids. This video only highlights how time flys I can’t get over it’s over 30 years now since I spent much of my time with Swindon Viewpoint. I’ve made contact with Rupert Kirkham, Phil Reed and Shirley Lawrence, I miss the old team. Many thanks to Martin Parry for the incredible job he’s done and continues to do to bring so much of the archive material back to life. Feel free to eMail me Chris

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