The Emptyheads

January 1st 1978
Thanks to Mr Haddock for providing the name. Can you tell us any more details about this feisty young band recorded at the Viewpoint Studio in Victoria Road during the late seventies? The tape box has no information

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1. The empty heads

purchase alprazolam cheap I know these lads very well Jon Gus rix on guitar,paul woodman on drums,chris barnet on vocals,dave oldman on bass. Like these lads i was around in those early days of 1977. My name is richard Leach and gus is the only one that i see around. There was also another great band around in them days and that was the purges. Outside of london swindon was one of the best towns for seeing the punk bands.We had the affair club and the brunel rooms. All the top bands played here including the stranglers,the damned,the clash,the ramones,slaughter and the dogs,x rayspex,generation ex. etc etc etc purchase alprazolam 2mg It would be good to see some of the old faces from them days.

2. who

3. This band is...

The Emptyheads.

order xanax 2mg I believe they were active from 1977-79, a relatively long lifespan for a Swindon punk band of that era.

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