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Welcome to the ultimate digital diary of local life and culture, now celebrating 45 years of cutting edge community media. Here you can find the greatest collection of creative films on everyday life of any town in the country; - from 1913 (the earliest) right up to today. To browse, click along page numbers below, or use 'Find Videos' in main menu to search the vast catalogue. The photographic collection on local life is under 'Then and Now'

Swindon Viewpoint is Swindon and Britain's original community media service with a unique history and special place in Britain's media story. Find out more in buy phentermine online in india!

buy adipex online

Welcome to the ultimate living diary of Swindon life and culture; - spanning the last century as well as today! Here you can find the largest collection of films on local life of any town in the country. To browse, use the search box to access the vast catalogue. Our photographic collection on local life comes under 'Then and Now' or street names.

Swindon Viewpoint is Britain's original community TV service with a unique history and special place in Britain's media story. This year is our 40th anniversary. Find out more in buy phentermine online in india!

buying phentermine uk