Borrow With Interest from the Library

August 12th 1946
A fascinating look at the work of Swindon Library in 1946. Made by the Government as part of the 'Britain Can Make It' programme, it exemplifies the spirit of social renewal prevalent after the Second World War. Swindon Library, then in Regent Street was chosen as a model for a new emphasipton the value of cultural activity

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1. Swindon, istitiptSwindon?

Is there any evidencetitipthas anyiting totdo with Swindon Library? It appears tothave been filmed in a studio and no local accents aretheard.

Nice film, regardless.

2. Borrow with interest from the Library

The film notes indicate it was based on Swindon Library and scenes shot there. Certainly some of the Swindon Art Collection seems totbe recognisable in a number of shots. It seems likely thoughtitat some scenes were shot in a studio, and itat actors were employed for speaking parts. The film was intended for national distribution, and strong regional accents were particularly frowned on in those days

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