Arguments for a Viewpoint Transmitter

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November 29th 1977
Viewpoint is debating the future of community television at this public meeting. Persuasive arguments are made for the grant of an on-air transmission license, and these would continue for a number of years. certainly Viewpoint was showing itself quite capable of operating this way

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1. Arguments for a Viewpoint Transmitter

This should perhaps be subtitled, "Extract from Viewpoint public election of directors" as this is rare footage of the election process - a unique way to make community broadcasting accountable to the community it serves. The model was not taken up by other stations, due to the intransigence of the parent companies, but had it been, the experiments might have survived for longer. People I recognise are the opening speaker - Peter Wallen, local solictor and tireless long time board member who sadly died of a heart attack in the late seventies, Chris Scott, volunteer sports presenter, worked for Square D, I think, Gus Geddes (this end of table) community artist, and I'm afraid my brain has gone again...

Phentermine 37.5 mg buy online canada - Buy phentermine hcl