The All Star Medicine Show - with Bob Hall

May 4th 1978
The 'All Star Medicine Show' perform at the Wyvern Theatre as part of the town's Hambro Festival in early 1978. Pianist Bob Hall was a very well known and popular musician in the town during the 70s and 80s. Introduced by Alan Burstyn. Apologies for the picture quality of this copy

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1. All Star Medicine show

Bassist Nick Dean was also the Station Manager of Swindon Viewpoint at this time. I always remember Nick for 2 reasons. 1) As a bass player, he always had to have the SVP estate car so he could carry his bass around to gigs. This meant no-one else could use it to get to SVP jobs, because there was always a blasted Bass in the back. 2) He couldn't play bass for toffee. Sorry Nick!

2. Nick and Alan

I've just latched on to this website and I'm beginning to remember things.
Like Pnut grounding his car (MG ?) whilst collecting a Chinese for us.
Or is that too lowbrow ?

I seem to remember Terry called Nick "Nick the ****" or was that someone else ?
Eric the Frog

3. P'Nut and the MGB

Yes Eric, I did have an MGB for a while, but after leaving Viewpoint (Aug 1977); however I was around in Swindon at weekends so I'm sure that you are right on the point. Probably the Golden Dragon (or Lion?) opposite the Fire Station. I can't say that I remember grounding my baby though. And you are deffo correct with Terry's comment about Nick. Not heard from Nick in a while (about 3 years), has anyone heard from him recently?


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