Alehouse - Space Shanty

June 1st 1975
The Band 'Alehouse' give us a rendition of their song 'Space Shanty, live in the Viewpoint Studio

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1. The Early Years

I spotted the freeze-fame of this recording a few days ago, and immediately recognised the band vocalist. He isn’t anyone that I know or knew, but on playing the clip I found myself singing along with it. As it’s very ‘Who’-like (“White Room”) for a few moments I thought that it was probably a well-known track, and that’s why I knew the words - but as the number went on I realised that I would have been involved in the production of it in some way or another.

For anyone who remembers ‘chinagraph’ editing, they will know that every edit may require rehearsing several times over (no automated editing controller, vision or sound mixers at Viewpoint then), and so by the time that a five minute track has been edited, everyone involved will have heard the entire number many, many, times over. And so it was with ”Space Shanty” from Alehouse; it must have been a catchy little ‘tune’ for me to have remembered it after all these years (I didn’t realise that it was transmistted in ’75, I would have said ’74 myself) – but interestingly, previously to this the band “Khan” (Steve Hillage) produced their album “Space Shanty” with a similarly name lead track. Were Alehouse aware of this at the time, I wonder?

Anyway, what an excellent number – it’s worth looking at some of the links associated with Alehouse, particularly the ‘family tree’ which extends from the 60’s right up to the current day.

On a similar note, in the Autumn of ’73 (maybe ’74, things get fuzzy…..) we produced an interesting programme for a lady in the Avebury/Winterbourne area about the harvesting of potatoes. It was well-shot and edited together nicely, and was accompanied by a song written and sung by the presenter/producer and went like this: “It’s tatie time again, tatie time again, and it comes at the end of the year, tatie time again………” Argghhhhhh, I often grow my own potatoes, and when picking them I find myself humming or singing that little ditti. Does anyone else remember it, or know if the original programme exists? It was shot on ½” and edited up to 1” for transmission.


2. Alehouse - Space Shanty

Others that should be recognised in this video are several members of the later DEAN GABBER & THE GABBERDEANS, including (most famously) DAVE GREGORY, just before he joined XTC !!

3. ALEHOUSE : Space Shanty

Ye Gods, this band did a couple of sessions for Viewpoint. Featuring the great TONY MAC on drums; LARRY 'The Mole' WILLIAMS on Lead guitar; DAVE GREGORY on second Lead guitar (rhythm guitar on this number) ; TONY GREEN on Bass and ROD GOODWAY on vocals.
More on this band at
(look under Eye Candy for pics of the band, and Family Tree for the Biog)
Well done VIEWPOINT. I could spend WEEKS on your Site.