70s Video Art

October 8th 1978
Marc, John and Paul, restored and digitised by Martin Parry
Here's some Video Art from the seventies. Made by Marc, John and Paul at Viewpoint in 1978. Video technology was entirely analogue in those days and these effects were derived from experimental analogue feedback and deliberate interference, introducing manipulation by adapted electrical circuits. It would be impossible to achieve these effects with today's technology as digital technology works in an entirely different way and is 'just too clean'. This however is a digitisation of the original analogue tape.

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1. 70's Video Art

A camera pointed at a monitor and the image feed back on itself via a vision mixer, change various settings on the camera and mixer and this is what you could get. Interesting watching this 30 years on, we only had 1 piece of digital gear (a TBC) in the building which would not have helped us much, it was the analogue nature of the equipment that gave us such variation and control, it is impossible to achive these effects today using the same techniques, digital is just to clean! great to see it again.