1979 Elections programme - extract

May 21st 1979
Viewpoint covered the 1979 Elections from the count at the Oasis, here is an extract, the full programme is also available here in two parts

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1. 1979 Election programme

Impressive presentation given that they all had day jobs! programme flowed very well considering little communication between production and presenters, Sally can be seen handing results out and of course there was no prompter, many of todays presenters would not risk standing in front of a camera without a script and accurate rundown.

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http://asphaltdrivewayco.com/sealcoating-minneapolis-sealcoating-important/ On the technical front we had to build a temporary control room at the Oasis as we did not have an OB van at the time, the Range Rover was never converted to colour. This required stripping the gear from Victoria Rd, assemble it on tables in a back room at the Oasis, get it up and running, vision mixer power supply fails, Phil Reed gets it running, do show and return gear to Victoria Rd. The signal path was a link from the Oasis to the Murray John tower and from there to Victoria Rd. I have vague memories that I was responsible for the power failure . . .

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