The 1979 Election - Live Programme 1

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May 4th 1979
1979 was a pivotal year in British politics, following as it did the 'Winter of Discontent'. We can surely find preserved the BBC national coverage of this event, but nowhere else will you find detailed coverage of this election from a local perspective. A team of Viewpoint volunteers covered the events in great detail and relayed them live to the Viewpoint audience. The coverage is in two parts, Programme 1 and Programme 2

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1. Elections

Heya Rupert. I have a few photos of SV covering a 1975 election at The Oasis, I can't remeber if it was the earlier one (February?) or the later one (October?). The return feed then was via the Cable Network itself rather than Microwave. Oh, and Happy Christmas, btw! P'Nut

2. Election 1979 coverage

I do remember this: we started late because someone dropped a cup of coffee into the vision mixer 30min before we were due to go on air and the engineer, Phil Reed, rebuilt the entire vision mixer (Cox 848, I think) in 45 minutes. What a guy! The presenter, Ron and the 'Peter Snow' character Keith, were more used to presenting programmes about the local cinema scene (Keith was the manager of the ABC Cinema at the time), but I think they did a fantastic job - ands didn't corpse once, despite the dryness of Ron's comments and Keith's rather camp presentation. Nice to see many of the elected board of directors involved here - Peter Wallen (Chairman), John Sutton (Company secretary - worked for Monahan and co), and Bill Bryant. I'm really proud of this programme. We got the programme from the Oasis Leisure Centre to the Head End at Victoria Road by means of a set of microwave links provided free by a very generous company whose name escapes me, and set up by an amazing one-armed engineer called Arthur.

3. Election 1979

Hi all - I've only just found this site (apologies!) and I've loved seeing footage of my late Dad, Peter Wallen, 'grilling' the candidates. I was very young when he was involved in Swindon Viewpoint but I've always been intrigued by what he got up to there. He died in 1986, so I never got to find out. It's fantastic that the wonders of the internet now give SV's groundbreaking approach to TV - and my father's interviewing skills - a fresh airing! Thank you for making this available!

4. Election coverage

Hi Rupert/PNut, Happy new year, Your right it was a great effort and given the live situation the presenters did a great job, no script or autocue to fall back on just local knowledge and interest. If I remember rightly Phil used a 12v battery to replace a blown power supply, a brilliant piece of lateral thinking.
Arthur Smith was the link tech, I think he worked for a company called MEL? I was lucky to be given the task of being his navigator around town, and in the process learnt a few things about RF and working at heights. I also remember that he had only been in town about 2 hours before he had fixed himself up with a dinner date. We set a reciever up in the Catholic church in Groundwell Rd, but not sure wether we had an intermediate link between there and the Oasis, for the Hambro festival we used the Murrey John building as the intermediate site back Vic. Rd.

5. Part 2

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