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I'm 17 year old Darren Potter. At 16 years old I set up my own production base called Infinite 8 productions, which is the name I use on the videos that I produce.
I have had the opportunity of working alongside other companies like Firebird films and Dreambase studios.
I started off by making my own short videos for myself. I did produce one short film called Future desires at the age of 15, which I made for a competition called Mega media challenge. My film won the local heat and went through to the regional finals where it won the Audience award.
Now I have people contact me to produce videos for them. The most recent being a short film called Mr Wiggles. This was a film about child abuse that was made to help raise awareness of what goes on behind closed doors but also to help raise money for the local NSPCC. I was privileged to be the Director of Photography on such a powerful film.
I attend different events also that are going on in and around Swindon to film them so that I can put a short video together showing the days events.
I give a copy of the video to the event organisers so that they can use it in anyway that they would like to. I do this as I know the hard work and effort that the organisers put into the event to make it run smoothly on the day.
I also know editing software which means that I am able to give the organisers a completed video so that they don't have to do anything to it.
I enjoy going out to events and meeting new people but I also find that I am always learning something new when I am out at events filming.
My passion is film making, my dream is to become a film maker.

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