Then And Now

This section of the site is provided in partnership with The Swindon Society and The Richard Jefferies Society. It enables you to see how the surrounding area used to look and learn more about your town. We are adding value by providing a current photograph taken as far as possible from the same position. The project involves a fair bit of detective work, so if you can add or correct information, please get in touch. This is your site, so if you would like to get involved in extending this project, please let us know.

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Blunsden, Farmworkers, 1900

Farm workers at Blunsden in 1900. The old farmhouse in the background was then the home of the Hunt-Titcombe family.

June 1, 1900 Then
Old Mill Lane, The Lawn, 1900

The Lawn viewed from a house in Old Mill Lane, 1900

June 1, 1900 Then
Princes Street, Wilts & Berks canal, Whale Bridge, Skurrrays flour mills, 1900

Skurrrays flour mills built in 1893 alongside the Wilts & Berks canal near the Whale Bridge.

June 1, 1900 Then
Old Mill Lane 1, The Lawn 1900

The Goddard Family Manor House. It was used to billet American troops during the Second World War and was afterwards so damaged it was demolished, This view shows the west side and the Italian sunken garden

July 1, 1900 Then
Faringdon Road GWR Medical Fund Hospital 1900

The GWR Medical Fund Hospital in 1900. This was opened in 1872 as part of the Railway Works Medical Fund, wherein employees contributed a penny a week (at the outset) and in return received free medical care. It served Swindon as a hospital until its closure in 1960 and is widely considered the birthplace of the NHS. The buildings are now the central area community centre.

July 1, 1900 Then