Then And Now

This section of the site is provided in partnership with The Swindon Society and The Richard Jefferies Society. It enables you to see how the surrounding area used to look and learn more about your town. We are adding value by providing a current photograph taken as far as possible from the same position. The project involves a fair bit of detective work, so if you can add or correct information, please get in touch. This is your site, so if you would like to get involved in extending this project, please let us know.

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GWR, The Works aerial view north east

The Works began operations in Swindon in January 1843 initially as a repair facility extensively developing expanding Swindon's population enormously over the years. The photographer perched on top of the Carriage works roof pointing north east recording the newly extended General Offices building, to its left 'B' Shed complex. Note there is no date for this photo so we have estimated one.

June 1, 1920 Then
GWR, The last Chief Mechanical Engineer

Mr F.W. Hawksworth the last Chief Mechanical Engineer in his office within the General Offices he succeeded C.B. Collett in 1941. Note No date is given so we have estimated one.

June 1, 1941 Then
GWR, Swindon, Hooter room,

This is a picture of where the Hooter was operated from and the time schedules and clock to show when to sound it. Note date is estimated.

July 1, 1930 Then
GWR, Swindon, 1890

A view of the Running Shed the picture is looking north and shows the running sheds to the right and stock sheds to the left. Notice that sme broad gauge track is still present.

July 1, 1890 Then
GWR, Swindon Works Pass, during WWII, 1942

A Pass was required to gain entry to the Short Bros buildings on the GWR site during the Second World War. Short Bros' entrance was at the slope (later knon as Shorts'Hill by locals) on the edge of Ferndale Road recreation ground and Osborne Street, now part of the Oasis traffic island, Mr R.J. Clarke worked there as an inspector on the parts produced for aircraft.

March 1, 1942 Then