Then And Now

This section of the site is provided in partnership with The Swindon Society and The Richard Jefferies Society. It enables you to see how the surrounding area used to look and learn more about your town. We are adding value by providing a current photograph taken as far as possible from the same position. The project involves a fair bit of detective work, so if you can add or correct information, please get in touch. This is your site, so if you would like to get involved in extending this project, please let us know.

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GWR, WWII Anti-aircraft post

A rather makeshift anti-aircraft post was situated on top of the station during World War II. Note ther is no exact date for this photo so we have estimated one.

June 1, 1940 Then
GWR, WWII, 1000lb Bombs at the Works

'X' Shop manufacturing 1000lb bombs.

June 1, 1941 Then
GWR, WWII, 1000lb Bombs made in Swindon

The manufacture of the casings for 1000lb bombs which were filled with high explosives elsewhere during World War II. Note no date is given so we have estimated one.

June 1, 1941 Then
GWR, WWII, 25 Ton Tanks in 'AE' Shop

'AE' Shop expertise put to producing 25 ton tanks during World War II.

February 1, 1941 Then
GWR, WWII, Bomb Raid at the Gas Works

A German Bomb raid on the Works hit a gas holder with machine gun fire, staff acted swiftly blocking the holes and therefore prevented any potentially serious consequences.

July 27, 1942 Then

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