Then And Now

This section of the site is provided in partnership with The Swindon Society and The Richard Jefferies Society. It enables you to see how the surrounding area used to look and learn more about your town. We are adding value by providing a current photograph taken as far as possible from the same position. The project involves a fair bit of detective work, so if you can add or correct information, please get in touch. This is your site, so if you would like to get involved in extending this project, please let us know.

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Ashford Road, St Saviours Church, 1910

This church was built by local volunteers mostly from the GWR workforce and parishioners of St Marks in 1889. Enlarged in 1904, again by volunteers, including the Bishop of Brisol, Dr Forrest Browne. The old wooden church was clad in stone then rededicated in 1961 by the Bishop of Malmesbury.

June 1, 1910 Then
Ashford Road, St Saviours Church, Drama Society, 1954

Some of the drama society identyfied are sitting in the second row: Barbara Whiting, Ken Berry, Nora Mantell, Joan Peddle, Olwen Nash and Brian Robinson. They were performing Our Town by T. Walder, produced by Walter Priestley.

June 1, 1954 Then
Avening Street Gorse Hill 1890

Avening Street Gorse Hill 1890

July 1, 1890 Then
Avening Street Gorse Hill School Coronation 1953

Celebrations for the Coronation of Queen Elizabeth II

July 1, 1953 Then
Avenue Road, 1910

Probably taken on a Market day - Monday as the herd of cattle is being driven to market near Marlborough Road.

July 1, 1910 Then
Avenue Road, Dismantling of railings, 1940

The dismantling of garden railings to supply metal for the war effort.

June 1, 1940 Then

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