She's So Square - The Helium Kidz

July 1st 1975
The Helium Kidz deliver 'She's So Square' in the days before they became big. Recorded at the Viewpoint studio on Victoria Road.

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This vid has been added before, see:

I demand a refund/compensation/public apology. Ripoff Britain is what it is!


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Probably because it will have been on a Tune In programme tape and then again on a compilation tape, though this is unusual. We go through tapes and digitise them then post the contents up on site. Then the tape is marked and moved to storage so it doesn't get digitised again. If the performance is also repeated on another (probably compilation) tape and the time span between is considerable, we may either forget it has been done before or think it might be a different version (bacause sometimes different takes were recorded in the studio).