Suggestion: report download size

Given that some viewers may be subscribed to internet packages with limited bandwidth and may be penalized for exceeding their quota, it may be helpful to display the bandwidth required with each video.

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1. Swindon Viewpoint Bandwidth Requirements

We've had a bit of a think about this one and are reluctant to further complicate our pages with technical details that may just serve to confuse many people. If there is a lot of interest in this feature we can look at it again. The following info should give a bit of guidance to those with concerns.

As a quick rule of thumb our videos are about 6Mb in size per minute. If you are worried about using up your monthly broadband limit, here is a quick table to work out what you will be using on this site.

Video Duration Bandwidth Requirements
1 min 6 Mb
5 min 30 Mb
10 min 60 Mb
15 min 90 Mb
30 min 180 Mb
45 min 270 Mb
1 hour 360 Mb

In other words, if you have a 2Gb limit you could watch roughly 6 hours of video from per month, if you did nothing else! What else is there worth watching on the web anyway?

2. Re: Suggestion: report download size

All the videos on the site will be Mp4. ('A New Swindon' was an exception because the original tape was temporarily away and we compressed it from a DVD). The length of programme is displayed on the site and would directly relate to the file size - does this help? Thanks for your suggestion, will discuss it and find out if it's feasible. With such a backlog of tapes to digitise and compress and upload we tend to shy away from any extra work that doesn't seem absolutely vital though