Playback on Mac - problem and solution

In my experience, the current videos do not play successfully in Mac OS X if the version of Quicktime installed is below 7.6.

Quicktime 7.6 is a free update available through Software Update.

Note: If you've purchased Apple's Quicktime MPEG-2 component, you will also need to update this when updating to Quicktime 7.6. Details at the link below:

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1. Whoops, wrote too soon....

I made the mistake of assuming that all vids were in the same format.

.flv files, such as A New Swindon play fine.

.mp4 files, which comprise the majority on the site, still have problems. Playback is choppy or non-existent. Often, vids will begin with the SV ident playing fine and then break up when the prog proper begins.

Seems the problem is prevalent with older PowerPC Macs, which I'm using, and due to the embedded Flash video player used on the site. The forum of Vimeo ( the video streaming service used by SV) turned up the following:

If an mp4 vid is opened in a new window - this can be done in Safari by opening Window/Activity and double clicking the video file in the list - then playback is fine (this was not the case with Quicktime pre 7.6).

So, to sum up. If having problems using an older Mac, try upgrading to Quicktime 7.6 and open the vid via Windows/Activity. Oh, and make sure you have the latest version of Adobe Flash Player installed.