2010 Elections

As a joint public information initiative with the Evening Advertiser and Swindon Civic Trust, here is our video coverage of the Advertiser’s Election Special at the Wyvern Theatre, Monday 26th April, chaired by the Adver’s Editor Dave King.

A Candidate for each of the parties sat on the panel and fielded eight major topics:

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1. Future prospects.
2. The NHS.
3. Climate Change.
4. Education.
5. Swindon’s Wi-Fi plan.
6. Immigration.
7. Regeneration.
8. Europe.

We have also recorded individual interviews with the main candidates for Swindon North and South parliamentary seats and Central, Eastcott and Dorcan Council wards; which you can find here:

And finally, if you'd like to you can see ALL the Election interviews on Swindon Viewpoint in one place.

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1. Why not see why I think you should Protest Vote

This election has extremely unfair coverage of candidates..
So here's my web site http://www.swindon.org.uk
and my blog http://swindonorg.blogware.com

If you want to help me give this election a 4th option and want to Protest vote read my blog..

Karsten Evans Independent South Swindon..
Don't abstain using your vote. Protest vote. Make it count!
“The accomplice to the crime of corruption is frequently our own indifference”.