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Title Produced Duration Description
'Galway Girl' - The Bataleurs May 23 2018 4 mins 6 secs The Bataleurs live at The Castle Inn - with 'Galway Girl'  Thumbnail
Westwords May 4 2018 9 secs Westwords, or the West Swindon Long Poem, was compiled over several months in 1997 and 1998 by twenty-eight students from Greendown Community School (now Lydiard Park Academy) and pupils from Brook...  Thumbnail
Our Town 1977 6 mins 13 secs Swindon Film Unit was a group of film enthusiasts active during the 60s and 70s. Mainly working with 16mm and Super 8 cine film, they made this short look at Swindon in 1977  Thumbnail
Rollercoaster - Aural Candy Apr 26 2018 2 mins 60 secs Aural Candy Live at the Beehive for Swindon Shuffle with 'Rollercoaster'  Thumbnail
Everybody's Business Apr 23 2018 11 mins 44 secs A new film made to raise awareness of Domestic Violence and what can be done to counter it. Please watch and bring to the attention of anyone who should know the warning signs.  Thumbnail
Swindon Eco Fest Apr 22 2016 4 mins 17 secs Savernake Street played host to Swindon Eco Fest today, organised by Swindon Climate Network and Eastcott Community Network to mark 'Earth Day' Lots of fun to be had, here's a taster....  Thumbnail
Towers Of London Apr 22 2018 7 mins 25 secs As close as you will get to XTC performing live these days! Dave Gregory pays tribute to Viewpoint and performs 'Towers of London' from the album 'Black Sea'  Thumbnail
Don't Forget to Wave - Josh Wolfsohn Apr 13 2018 12 mins 54 secs Local artist Josh Wolfsohn has a new album "Don't Forget to Wave" out on April 13th 2018. Here is a live performance of songs from the new album  Thumbnail
Tackling Inequality Apr 19 2018 25 mins 24 secs Inequality is spiralling out of control and unfairness is damaging our social world. The Equality Trust is one of a number of initiatives working to find remedies. Find out how you can help.  Thumbnail
Dreams And Their Meaning Apr 7 2018 4 mins 13 secs A fascinating new art exhibition has just opened at Richard Jefferies Museum, Coate. 'Dreams and their Meaning' takes you on journeys to the borderlands of the psyche. Organised by...  Thumbnail
Swindon Through Maps Mar 27 2018 69 mins 22 secs In this full length programme, outgoing Chair of Swindon Civic Voice, Martha Parry demonstrates what can be learnt about Swindon's development by looking at maps. Settle down with a brew and...  Thumbnail
Sorry Excuse for a Man - Steve Leigh Mar 27 2018 3 mins 53 secs Steve Leigh Live at The Beehive for Swindon Shuffle  Thumbnail
Everybody's Business - Perpetrator Mar 8 2018 4 mins 34 secs 5. If someone finds themself losing their temper in a relationship, what can they do? If you are becoming a perpetrator of domestic abuse, How to gain help is addressed in the final installment of...  Thumbnail
Everybody's Business - Refuge Mar 8 2018 4 mins 36 secs 4. If they find themselves in a violent or abusive relationship, women need to know there are other options. This, the 4th programme in our series 'Everybody's Business' outlines how...  Thumbnail
Everybody's Business - Young People Mar 7 2018 4 mins 25 secs 3. Let's help young people be aware of the dangers of getting into abusive relationships. In the third of our videos on the subject we look at some of the warning signs. Please share this with...  Thumbnail
Everybody's Business - Children Mar 6 2018 4 mins 37 secs 2. Children. Second of a new series of films Viewpoint has made to address the issues of Domestic Violence. This episode looks at the impact on children. Please watch and bring to the attention of...  Thumbnail
Everybody's Business - Don't be a Victim Mar 4 2018 7 mins 45 secs 1. From Victim to Survivor. First of a new series of films Viewpoint has made to address the issues of Domestic Violence. Please watch and bring to the attention of anyone who should know the warning...  Thumbnail
' I Cursed Your Name' - Black Sheep Apprentice Mar 3 2018 3 mins 13 secs Black Sheep Apprentice, live at the Beehive with 'I cursed Your Name' - for Swindon Shuffle  Thumbnail
Swindon Jubilee Year 1950 Inauguration Mar 3 2018 2 mins 53 secs In 1950 the Borough of Swindon celebrated 50 years since inauguration. Swindon Film Unit was on hand to record the ceremonies, on what seems a misty day for Swindon streets.  Thumbnail
'Old Brown Ale' - The Magnificent Shed Boys Mar 1 2018 2 mins 12 secs 'Old Brown Ale' ( - thou art my darling). Performed by the magnificent Shed Boys for 'Hammerman Night' at the Beehive. In tribute to local poet Alfred Williams  Thumbnail