Our film and video library is extensive, numbering around 1000 items. In partnership with Western Film Archive, we aim to eventually make all of these available here for public viewing.

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Title Produced Duration Description
#Giveaship Jun 24 2015 2 mins 10 secs Don't miss this short video - it couldn't be more relevant to contemporary events!  Thumbnail
Alsadig's story Jun 23 2015 10 mins 27 secs Alsadig is refugee from Sudan. He didn't want to leave his home and family, - this is why he had to.  Thumbnail
'Two Young Brethren' - Tinkers Bag Jun 22 2015 2 mins 21 secs Tinkers Bag perform 'Two Young Brethren' at the Swindon Folksingers Club recently. They are: L-R Bob Berry, Gill Berry, Mick Hiscock, Christine Owen, Nigel Owen and Richard Rees. '...  Thumbnail
To Seek Beauty Jul 1 1952 10 mins 36 secs Based on the celebrated Alfred Williams poem 'Come Into The Woods' and filmed during the early 50s on the downs and in the South Marston countryside this local writer loved. Shot and edited...  Thumbnail
'Lust for Life' - The Trickbabies Jan 24 2010 5 mins 28 secs Trickbabies live at the Hive in 2010 with 'Lust for Life'  Thumbnail
Racing Eights on Coate Water Jul 1 1982 2 mins 24 secs That monster of the rowing world, the full racing eight, seen here at Coate in the summer of 1982  Thumbnail
Rich and Famous once more Aug 7 1978 2 mins 39 secs Another previously unreleased recording of Swindon prog rockers 'Rich and Famous' from the Swindon Viewpoint archive. Notes tell us this was a studio recording by Viewpoint on 7th August...  Thumbnail
You Make Me Feel So Young - Swindon Community Choir May 14 2015 3 mins 19 secs Swindon Community Choir perform in the Brunel Centre for Parkinsons Awareness Week. You can catch them again at the Arts Centre on the 22nd May  Thumbnail
A Trip To Bournemouth 1946 Jul 1 1946 7 mins 14 secs Join this Swindon Family as they take a holiday trip to Bournemouth almost 70 years ago  Thumbnail
'Baby Get Your Gun' - Billyjon May 13 2015 4 mins 55 secs Billyjon with 'Baby Get Your Gun' live at the Castle, Prospect Place for Swindon Shuffle  Thumbnail
Today I found 15 things - Lloyd Sandall Apr 2 2015 30 secs An entry to the Swindon Independent Film 'Microshorts Challenge' - the brief: make a short (up to 30 sec) film interpretation of the sentence 'Today I’ve identified 15 objects on my...  Thumbnail
'Pitmen Poets' - Jez Lowe May 5 2015 4 mins 12 secs Jez Lowe shares poignant understanding from the Pitmen Poets. Recorded at the 55th anniversary session of Swindon Folksingers Club.  Thumbnail
Parkinsons Awareness Week 2015 Apr 30 2015 5 mins 3 secs Find out more about Parkinson's awareness week and the hidden condition that could mean you treat people unfairly if unaware.  Thumbnail
How Unequal Are We? Apr 22 2015 20 mins 33 secs What is the actual amount of inequality in our society? How do we compare with others in the developed world? (perhaps not as well as you might think). This video by Swindon Equality Group was made...  Thumbnail
Swindon's Front Garden Jul 1 1999 31 mins 37 secs An important archive film as well as a nostalgic look at a green enclave of Swindon that has substantially disappeared. (Though parts still do remain) When this video was made in 1999 by Geoff Pearce...  Thumbnail
Citizen Journalism Apr 15 2015 18 mins 40 secs This is a recording of a workshop by John Coster held at a recent conference of the Community Media Association. It runs through the experiences of Citizens Eye, a public journalism initiative and...  Thumbnail
Lucky Dip 1955 Jul 1 1955 37 secs Many years ago at children's events there was a custom known a 'Lucky Dip' - You went for a present but didn't know what you would receive. here's a lucky dip at a fete in...  Thumbnail
Bone and the Bebops - 'Mama Don't Allow' Apr 15 2015 6 mins 5 secs Blast from the past here and vital part of our local music history. Bone and the Bebops were a Wroughton group active in the late eighties and early nineties. Here they are with 'Mama Don't...  Thumbnail
Election 2015 - Robert Buckland Apr 14 2015 6 mins 1 secs Meet the candidates. We invited all the main contenders for Member of Parliament for Swindon to explain their policies. Here is Robert Buckland, who is standing for the Conservative party in Swindon...  Thumbnail
Election 2015 - Anne Snelgrove Apr 14 2015 9 mins 39 secs Meet the candidates. We invited all the main contenders for Member of Parliament for Swindon to explain their policies. Here is Anne Snelgrove who is standing for the Labour Party in Swindon South....  Thumbnail

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