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Title Produced Duration Description
Community Media In the 70s Dec 7 1978 17 mins 44 secs A fascinating look at how Community Media was developing in the Seventies. By the middle of the decade Swindon Viewpoint was joined by several other operations including Telford and Basildon. The...  Thumbnail
Time - Jen Olive Jun 6 2014 4 mins 29 secs Time won't stay still for Jen Olive  Thumbnail
Kate and Seth Live May 28 2014 3 mins 11 secs Kate and Seth play at the Core  Thumbnail
Election results 1974 May 10 1974 1 min 25 secs The election results in Swindon forty years ago  Thumbnail
Wayfarers Daughter - The Bataleurs May 29 2014 3 mins 1 secs The Bataleurs with an ode to the wayfarers daughter.  Thumbnail
Joyce - A Swindon Life - Final episode May 22 2014 21 mins 9 secs The last in the series where elderly Joyce talks to Andy Binks about her life  Thumbnail
Lucy - The Stress Echoes May 9 2014 6 mins 7 secs The Stress Echoes with 'Lucy'  Thumbnail
Little London Jul 1 1939 59 secs Little London, Old Town, in the thirties. Little London was home to a Cockney population in the 19th century  Thumbnail
Come Together - Jim Blair May 14 2014 4 mins 38 secs Jim Blair interprets a Beatle's number on slide  Thumbnail
Trainspotting in 1949 Jul 1 1949 1 min 31 secs Trainspotting used to be a popular lad's pursuit. Here's how it was in the 40s  Thumbnail
Tell The World - Solo Banton Aug 5 2014 6 mins 36 secs Solo Banton wants to 'Tell the World'  Thumbnail
Mabsant visit Swindon Viewpoint Oct 1 1983 6 mins 31 secs In 1983, as part of our regular coverage of Swindon Folksingers Club we invited Mabsant, upcoming folk musicians from Wales, into the Swindon Viewpoint studio at Media Arts to play for us. (...  Thumbnail
Swindon Viewpoint - Ten Year Tour Sep 18 1983 23 mins 36 secs To celebrate it's tenth anniversary in 1983, Swindon Viewpoint took off on a musical lorry for a tour around town full of encounters. Join us and see how the town looked more than thirty years...  Thumbnail
The Ferry To Bantham 1949 Jul 1 1949 4 mins 58 secs The Winslow family of Swindon take a trip to South Devon in 1949 and ride on the ferry to Bantham from Cockleridge in the days when it was human powered.  Thumbnail
The Big Disguise - Big Casino Apr 25 2014 4 mins 29 secs Big Casino ponder on the Big Disguises in life  Thumbnail
Cameo - Farming In Wiltshire just after the War Mar 30 1948 1 min 56 secs An insight into the way British farming looked at the end of the Second World War, just before the great changes of the second half of the century. From the camera of cine enthusiast A.G. Morris and...  Thumbnail
Passport Renewal - Tides of Change Apr 20 2014 6 mins 32 secs Tides of Change bang their heads over Passport Renewal. Live at the Furnace  Thumbnail
A New Trike just after the War Jul 1 1952 2 mins 55 secs It must have been difficult to afford such a nice tricycle during rationing after the Second World War but this little girl is in luck. The little girl is Helen Arkell and her sisters are Janet and...  Thumbnail
Swindon Viewpoint 40th Anniversary Concert - Intro Apr 17 2014 5 mins 2 secs AJ introduces the recent Swindon Viewpoint 40th anniversary concert then swings into a rendition of 'Monday Morning'  Thumbnail
Strictly Come Dancing at the Wyvern Apr 12 2014 2 mins 15 secs Meet the stars courtesy of Infinite8  Thumbnail