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Title Produced Duration Description
Swindon Community Conference 3 - An Overview Dec 3 2014 24 mins 31 secs The third instalment of the Community Conference held at Heelis. This one aims at an overview of the Community and Voluntary sector and looks at how it can fit together.  Thumbnail
'Rise Up' - Peppery Nov 26 2014 2 mins 56 secs Peppery at The Reggae Garden with 'Rise Up'  Thumbnail
'In Flanders Fields' Poetry in British Sign Language Nov 11 2014 2 mins 21 secs Nine year old local girl Layla Fitzgerald-Woolfe recites the popular World War One poem by Canadian John McCraen to commemorate the centenary. The video was first premiered at the Go! Sign...  Thumbnail
The Sack Race Jul 1 1955 49 secs Anyone old enough to remember the Sack Race? Here are your Grandma and Grandpa frolicking at a Swindon fete in 1955  Thumbnail
'In The Rain' - Ben MacDanielson Nov 5 2014 4 mins 52 secs Local singer Ben McDanielson with 'In The Rain' - from Swindon Shuffle at The Castle, Prospect Place  Thumbnail
Family Fun Day at the Wyvern Nov 2 2014 1 min 60 secs Up for some family fun? Here's Family Fun Day 2014 at the Wyvern  Thumbnail
'Yes You Are' - Mortdelamer Nov 3 2014 4 mins 19 secs Mortdelamer fire up the Furnace with 'Yes You Are'  Thumbnail
Duke of Kent visits Swindon 105.5 Oct 29 2014 5 mins 3 secs The Duke of Kent visited Swindon 105.5 and Swindon Dance this week to hand out awards, here we cover his visit to 105.5. Music by Ethemia  Thumbnail
What is Swindon Viewpoint? Oct 27 2014 9 mins 11 secs Don't miss this short film charting the development of community television in Swindon based on a lively showreel of the many stories Viewpoint has covered  Thumbnail
'Fell in Love with a Girl' - Jim Blair Oct 27 2024 3 mins 22 secs Jim Blair's indiviidual style of slide guitar live - and 'Fell in Love With a Girl'  Thumbnail
Swindon Community Conference - Sector Survey Oct 25 2014 29 mins 27 secs Part Two of the Community Conference. This section reports on the findings of the recent Community and Voluntary Sector survey.  Thumbnail
Swindon's University Technical College Launches Oct 23 2014 3 mins 6 secs Swindon is now home to a lovely new University Technical College. Join us for a whirlwind tour and see how well the site's important history complements the present day.  Thumbnail
Ha Ha Hood Oct 21 2014 0 secs Coming to the Wyvern next week, this comedy starring Sue Pollard. Show starts November the 1st. Find out all about it here!  Thumbnail
Swindon Community Conference 2014 - Introduction Oct 17 2014 12 mins 1 secs The first Swindon Community Conference - organised by and for the voluntary sector - took place at Heelis at the weekend. If you weren't able to make it you can catch up here. Conference...  Thumbnail
What is Parkinsons? Oct 17 2014 3 mins 56 secs Do you know anyone with Parkinson's? This is a public information video provided by Parkinson's Swindon to help increase understanding of the condition.  Thumbnail
Golden Green - The Bataleurs Oct 10 2014 2 mins 36 secs The Bataleurs live at The Castle, Prospect Place with 'Golden Green'  Thumbnail
Disabled Sports Day at Pinehurst Jul 1 1978 2 mins 46 secs Bill Bryant introduces the Disabled Sports Day held at Pinehurst in the summer of 1978.  Thumbnail
'Shaky' - The Stress Echoes Sep 29 2014 4 mins 18 secs The Stress Echoes are a bit 'Shaky' - live at the Hive  Thumbnail
The Tug of War Jul 1 1955 54 secs Remember the 'tug-o-war' from your childhood? Here's grandad and then grandma heaving away as a child at a Swindon garden party in 1955.  Thumbnail
'Be a Child Again' - Anna Page Sep 25 2014 3 mins 17 secs Anna Page live at the Beehive with 'Be a Child Again'  Thumbnail