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Title Produced Duration Description
The Childrens fete 2014 Jul 23 2014 1 min 51 secs Snapshot of the Children's Fete by Infinite8. - This was the year of the widely forecast lightning storm so it was touch and go whether the fete went ahead  Thumbnail
'Make You Groove' - Solo Banton Jul 20 2014 5 mins 50 secs The Reggae Garden warm-up party at SUJU is Friday 1st August and features Solo Banton. Herer is a taster of Solo performing here last year- be there or B Square!  Thumbnail
Fate hits the Fete Jul 19 2014 2 mins 35 secs We don't know how often the Children's Fete has had to brave the elements over its century and a half of history. Many times surely, and it certainly needed to today. With a major lightning...  Thumbnail
Snakes and Ladders - 'The Starkers' Jul 15 2014 2 mins 17 secs The Starkers, live at Level 3 with 'Snakes and Ladders'  Thumbnail
St Georges Day Parade May 3 1954 3 mins 21 secs 60 years ago, the Boy Scouts hold a St Georges Day parade in the Town Gardens.  Thumbnail
'Umbrella' - Run From Robots Jul 8 2014 3 mins 37 secs 'Run from Robots' thrash out a track called 'Umbrella' at Level 3  Thumbnail
The 18mm Show Jul 1 1978 11 mins 54 secs These youngsters were given a free hand and support to create their own comedy show on Viewpoint in 1978. They went on to become media professionals and comedy writers at the BBC.  Thumbnail
'Addicted' - Anna Page Jun 27 2014 3 mins 41 secs Anna Page is 'Addicted' at The Hive  Thumbnail
The Swindon Bath And West Show Jul 1 1964 5 mins 10 secs The Bath and West Show in Swindon 1964  Thumbnail
Community Media - rapidly developing! Jun 19 2014 26 mins 2 secs These are interesting times for community media. Here we look at the recent conference of the Community Media Association and cover the Local Television 'break-out' session to hear about...  Thumbnail
Warrior Style - Macka B Jun 20 2014 5 mins 58 secs Macka B gets into 'Warrior Style' at The Reggae Garden in Town Gardens Bowl on a summer night.  Thumbnail
Moredon Centre Breakers May 9 1984 3 mins 40 secs Early Swindon pioneers of breakdance more than 30 years ago!  Thumbnail
'This World Will Burn' - Billyjon Jun 11 2014 5 mins 48 secs Billyjon live at the Castle with 'This World Will Burn'  Thumbnail
Kids United v Swindon Town Sep 4 1984 8 mins 11 secs Don't miss this team of giantkillers taking on Swindon Town at their own game. Made by a group of Swindon kids with the help of Viewpoint.  Thumbnail
Community Media In the 70s Dec 7 1978 17 mins 44 secs A fascinating look at how Community Media was developing in the Seventies. By the middle of the decade Swindon Viewpoint was joined by several other operations including Telford and Basildon. The...  Thumbnail
Time - Jen Olive Jun 6 2014 4 mins 29 secs Time won't stay still for Jen Olive  Thumbnail
Kate and Seth Live May 28 2014 3 mins 11 secs Kate and Seth play at the Core  Thumbnail
Election results 1974 May 10 1974 1 min 25 secs The election results in Swindon forty years ago  Thumbnail
Wayfarers Daughter - The Bataleurs May 29 2014 3 mins 1 secs The Bataleurs with an ode to the wayfarers daughter.  Thumbnail
Joyce - A Swindon Life - Final episode May 22 2014 21 mins 9 secs The last in the series where elderly Joyce talks to Andy Binks about her life  Thumbnail