Our film and video library is extensive, numbering around 1000 items. In partnership with Western Film Archive, we aim to eventually make all of these available here for public viewing.

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Title Produced Duration Description
Delirious - Aural Candy Jan 20 2017 4 mins 12 secs Aural Candy get Delirious at the Beehive  Thumbnail
Modulation Sep 22 2016 8 mins 24 secs A study in Karma and connectedness, Modulation was a creative project conceived by Oliver Woodward and made through Swindon Independent Film collective - with equipment support from Swindon Viewpoint...  Thumbnail
Artpoint - The Alton Barnes Blogger Jul 1 2012 11 mins 25 secs Ray Pope began his Photographic Museum in the 1970s  Thumbnail
Tin Spirits - Old Hands Dec 31 2016 6 mins 44 secs Tin Spirits demonstrate they are 'Old Hands' at this game - for a Swindon Viewpoint Benefit Concert  Thumbnail
MAD - Where Do I Belong Jul 1 2012 6 mins 36 secs A group of students from Churchfields School come together to explore the politics of identity and civil war  Thumbnail
'Button Down Shirt' - Black Hats Dec 22 2016 3 mins 49 secs Black Hats Live at level 3 with 'Button Down Shirt'  Thumbnail
Our new Elephant Dec 16 2016 3 mins 11 secs Swindon gains an African Elephant! Find out more about Swindon artist David Lomax's sculpture at and the plight of the African Elephant at http://www....  Thumbnail
'Fisherman's Blues' - The Pagan Fringe Dec 14 2016 6 mins 35 secs Pagan Fringe - with a case of the 'Fisherman's Blues'  Thumbnail
Todos Ole - Cristofe Dec 10 2016 3 mins 14 secs A touch of the Hispanic hits the Castle on Prospect Place during Swindon Shuffle  Thumbnail
The Shoe Memorial Dec 6 2016 8 mins 40 secs The Shoe Memorial in the GWR Park pays tribute to the ordeal refugees undergo to free themselves from oppression and the terrible price many pay. The poem 'Ocean Floor' is written and...  Thumbnail
Loss of Swindon buildings - Wyvern Discussion Dec 3 2016 6 mins 48 secs At the recent screening of the film 'Railway Town' the audience were concerned to discuss the loss of fine buildings from Swindon  Thumbnail
Taking our Time - The Vooz Nov 30 2016 4 mins 30 secs The Vooz are taking their time with the Swindon Shuffle a few years back  Thumbnail
David Bowie Photography Exhibition Nov 28 2016 6 mins 39 secs Find out what it was like to tour with David Bowie: - Denis O'Hagan's photographs of Bowie came to Swindon recently and were shown at Dick Lovett Mini. See a selection and hear from the...  Thumbnail
'Jack Robinson' - The Mess Session Nov 26 2016 5 mins 49 secs Join the Mess Session here for a relaxed rendition of 'Jack Robinson'. Performed at the Beehive, Prospect Place, in tribute to local Hammerman Poet Alfred Williams.  Thumbnail
A Shared Vision for Swindon? Jul 1 2008 8 mins 18 secs What do you want for the future of your town? A range of you were asked your views  Thumbnail
'Collide' - Skyburnsred Nov 9 2016 2 mins 53 secs Collision abounds with Skyburnsred here, - live at 'The Furnace'  Thumbnail
Swindon School Games 2012 Jul 1 2012 3 mins 27 secs The Swindon School Games of 2012 as recorded by students at Lydiard Park, Isambard Community and St Joseph's Schools.  Thumbnail
She Moves Thru the Fair - Mabsant Jul 1 1983 5 mins 10 secs Rare early and previously unreleased recording of these legends! In 1983 in collaboration with Swindon Folksingers we invited Mabsant, upcoming folk musicians from Wales, into the Swindon Viewpoint...  Thumbnail
Viewpoint in 1983 Sep 23 1983 19 mins 26 secs This 1983 public meeting shows an active (though poorly funded) Swindon Viewpoint (and Community Television) ten years after being founded in 1973. Swindon Viewpoint had been the sole survivor of the...  Thumbnail
'One As Fine As You' - The Pagan Fringe Oct 25 2016 4 mins 27 secs Pagan Fringe - live tribute to recently departed drummer Steve Carvey  Thumbnail