Our film and video library is extensive, numbering around 1000 items. In partnership with Western Film Archive, we aim to eventually make all of these available here for public viewing.

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Title Produced Duration Description
Apple Day 2015 Oct 4 2015 2 mins 36 secs Yesterday was Apple Day in Queens Park, a lovely autumnal feel in a beautiful space, Here is a taste of the day. Percussion by 'Bang to Rites'  Thumbnail
'Jokers And Aces' - S'Go Oct 3 2015 4 mins 44 secs S'Go perform 'Jokers and Aces' on an open air stage in the Railway Village for the Mechanic's Institute Fete  Thumbnail
The Magic Roundabout Sep 29 2015 2 mins 22 secs A timeflexed view of Swindon's Magic Roundabout  Thumbnail
'Higher' - The Pagan Fringe Sep 28 2015 8 mins 3 secs A rare performance of The Pagan Fringe at the Castle, Prospect Place in tribute to much loved local musician Steve Carvey who recently passed away. The album 'Gathering Light' has also been...  Thumbnail
Swindon Traffic in the 70s Jul 1 1979 3 mins 28 secs From the archive, a video on Swindon Traffic made in the late 70s  Thumbnail
Women's Morris Duet in1982 Sep 26 2015 2 mins 4 secs From the Archive, Women's Morris Dance in the Brunel Shopping centre more than a third of a century ago.  Thumbnail
'Parley' - S'Go Sep 21 2015 4 mins 13 secs The 2015 Children's Fete is treated to a visit from lively roots band S'Go - Here is their rendition of 'Parley'  Thumbnail
Gunfight at Aldbourne Corral 1982 Jul 1 1982 60 secs From the archive: Cowboy re-enactment at Aldbourne Carnival in 1982  Thumbnail
'Outlive The Sun' - Light Grenades Sep 16 2015 5 mins 4 secs The Light Grenades with 'Outlive the Sun' - live at Level 3 for Swindon Shuffle  Thumbnail
Battle of Britain Flypast Sep 15 2015 56 secs Today was Battle of Britain day - the 75th anniversary; and Swindon's contribution was honoured with a flypast and circle of 4 Spitfires and Two Hurricanes. Swindon man Harold Starr was a pilot...  Thumbnail
Festival of Britain 1951 - The Guinness Clock Jul 1 1951 3 mins 24 secs The Guiness Clock at the Festival of Britain 1951. Guinness adverts are recognised as the most ostentatious on television, and the brewery’s contribution to the Festival was one of the standout...  Thumbnail
Tippa Irie - Encore Sep 10 2015 2 mins 36 secs Tipa Irie closes his set at a recent Reggae Garden. This years is held on Saturday at the Town Gardens Bowl  Thumbnail
Townscape alpha Sep 5 2015 2 mins 50 secs Can you identify where we are in this impressionistic video of Swindon streets?  Thumbnail
'Give Us Back Our Money' - Kitchen Sink Dramas Sep 2 2015 3 mins 43 secs Recorded at Swindon Shuffle, Kitchen Sink Dramas perform live at the Beehive, Prospect Hill  Thumbnail
The Divide - Trailer Sep 3 2015 2 mins 41 secs Swindon Equality Group and Swindon Churches Together are organising a premiere screening of 'The Divide', the film that is based on the acclaimed 'The Spirit Level', on Tuesday...  Thumbnail
'Deya Now' - Solo Banton Aug 29 2015 5 mins 46 secs Solo Banton performs 'Deya Now' at the Reggae Garden in the Town Gardens Bowl. Its just two weeks to this year's Reggae Garden, so grab your tickets quick to be sure to get in! - http...  Thumbnail
The Queen visits Swindon - in colour Jul 1 1953 5 mins 55 secs Newly discovered and restored colour footage of a young Queen visiting Swindon in 1953  Thumbnail
Pretty Girl, Ugly Heart - Steve Leigh Aug 21 2015 5 mins 50 secs Steve Leigh at Swindon Shuffle musing on how appearances can be deceptive  Thumbnail
Making Springs for the GWR Jul 1 1934 2 mins 19 secs The process of making springs for the railway went virtually unchanged through the steam era. here it is captured in 1934  Thumbnail
Paper Walls - Pollen Jul 1 1995 4 mins 54 secs From the underground vaults of 20 years ago - Pollen with 'Paper Walls' - Live at the Monkey Club, Swindon  Thumbnail