Our film and video library is extensive, numbering around 1000 items. In partnership with Western Film Archive, we aim to eventually make all of these available here for public viewing.

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Title Produced Duration Description
Pretty Girl, Ugly Heart - Steve Leigh Aug 21 2015 5 mins 50 secs Steve Leigh at Swindon Shuffle musing on how appearances can be deceptive  Thumbnail
Making Springs for the GWR Jul 1 1934 2 mins 19 secs The process of making springs for the railway went virtually unchanged through the steam era. here it is captured in 1934  Thumbnail
Paper Walls - Pollen Jul 1 1995 4 mins 54 secs From the underground vaults of 20 years ago - Pollen with 'Paper Walls' - Live at the Monkey Club, Swindon  Thumbnail
The Pursuit Of Happiness - Polar Front Aug 9 2015 4 mins 18 secs 'Polar Front' on The Pursuit of Happiness - live at the Swindon Shuffle  Thumbnail
The Top Hat and The Coconut Shy 1955 Jul 1 1955 37 secs Swindon fun and frolics from 60 years ago. Captured at a Swindon Fete by local cine enthusiast Denis Winslow  Thumbnail
Kolakoca at Lydiard park Aug 2 2015 7 mins 13 secs Kolacoca captured blowing away the rain at Lydiard Park Arts Day  Thumbnail
Swindon To Snowdon Jul 1 1953 9 mins 37 secs Join this Swindon family as they take a trip to visit Snowdon in the summer of 1953  Thumbnail
Seven Nation Army - Bruce St Bridges Jul 29 2015 3 mins 53 secs 'Seven Nation Army' from Bruce Street Bridges. performed live at the Beehive for Swindon Shuffle  Thumbnail
The Village Fete Jul 23 2015 3 mins 51 secs The Railway Village held a fete at the weekend, join us for some moments from the day. Music is 'Buckets of Rain' written by Bob Dylan and performed by S'Go  Thumbnail
'Ballad of Cheap Haircut' - Auralcandy Jul 21 2015 4 mins 27 secs Auralcandy live at the Beehive with 'Ballad of Cheap Haircut' for the 2015 Swindon Shuffle.  Thumbnail
'Sorry' - Shudders Jul 19 2015 3 mins 38 secs The Shudders play the 2014 Swindon Shuffle on the 'Beehive Stage'  Thumbnail
Indian dance at the Town Hall Jun 2 1982 1 min 11 secs A recording of a 1982 solo performance of Indian dance at the Town Hall, Regent Circus from Swindon Viewpoint's balcony studio there.  Thumbnail
Baby 126 - Ruby Confue Jul 13 2015 3 mins 20 secs Baby 126 is the first single by Swindon born performance artist Ruby Confue. It’s a mixture of 70’s funk, 30’s big band brass, 21st century hip hop , 60’s soul and 16th century poetry ( the verses...  Thumbnail
Vox Pops On Swindon Viewpoint Jul 1 1984 2 mins 22 secs 80s hairstyles - and views on Swindon Viewpoint in this vox-pop. Is that your Dad when he was younger?  Thumbnail
'Lighter' -Colour The Atlas Jul 7 2015 3 mins 11 secs Colour The Atlas perform 'Lighter' for the Swindon Viewpoint 40th anniversary benefit concert at MECA  Thumbnail
#Giveaship Jun 24 2015 2 mins 10 secs Don't miss this short video - it couldn't be more relevant to contemporary events!  Thumbnail
Alsadig's story Jun 23 2015 10 mins 27 secs Alsadig is refugee from Sudan. He didn't want to leave his home and family, - this is why he had to. See also  Thumbnail
'Two Young Brethren' - Tinkers Bag Jun 22 2015 2 mins 21 secs Tinkers Bag perform 'Two Young Brethren' at the Swindon Folksingers Club recently. They are: L-R Bob Berry, Gill Berry, Mick Hiscock, Christine Owen, Nigel Owen and Richard Rees. '...  Thumbnail
To Seek Beauty Jul 1 1952 10 mins 36 secs Based on the celebrated Alfred Williams poem 'Come Into The Woods' and filmed during the early 50s on the downs and in the South Marston countryside this local writer loved. Shot and edited...  Thumbnail
'Lust for Life' - The Trickbabies Jan 24 2010 5 mins 28 secs Trickbabies live at the Hive in 2010 with 'Lust for Life'  Thumbnail