Our film and video library is extensive, numbering around 1000 items. In partnership with Western Film Archive, we aim to eventually make all of these available here for public viewing.

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Title Produced Duration Description
Reel of the Rover Finn - Pagan Fringe xanax buy uk Apr 4 2017 2 mins 41 secs Pagan Fringe live with the 'Reel of the Rover Finn' - in tribute to drummer Steve Carvey.  Thumbnail
Link Magazine 30th Anniversary Apr 1 2017 12 mins 40 secs The Link magazine celebrated a 30th anniversary and Roger Ogle gives a retrospective of some key moments.  Thumbnail
Falling From Grace - Bruce St Bridges alprazolam online europe Mar 24 2017 5 mins 8 secs Bruce St Bridges with 'Falling From Grace' live for Swindon Shuffle  Thumbnail
Stonehenge in the thirties Jul 1 1937 1 min 15 secs Swindon filmmaker Alex Morris visits Stonehenge in 1937  Thumbnail
Marie- The Stress Echoes alprazolam cheapest price Mar 15 2017 3 mins 42 secs The Stress Echoes with and ode to a girl named Marie. Recorded at the Beehive for Swindon Shuffle  Thumbnail
Swindon Summer Festival Jul 1 2008 4 mins 46 secs A look at Swindon's summer festival in 2008  Thumbnail
Camel Herders - Splat The Rat npdrugs cheap xanax online Mar 11 2017 4 mins 39 secs A rare sighting of camel herders in Swindon town centre was made and brought to you by Swindon Viewpoint  Thumbnail
Women's Day 1950 Mar 8 1950 34 secs Local women make a short piece of film to celebrate Women's Day 1950  Thumbnail
RoadRunner - Teddy White Band Live Mar 7 2017 3 mins 57 secs From the Archive, the Teddy White Band launch the Swindon Viewpoint 40th Anniversary concert at MECA  Thumbnail
#I Can't Keep Quiet - Swindon Mar 4 2017 3 mins 15 secs This morning Swindon's fabulous 'pop-up choir' launched the International Women's Day Community Festival at the Central Library and in the town centre. #ICantKeepQuiet  Thumbnail
Angels In The Slipstream - The Shudders Live buy pure alprazolam powder Feb 27 2017 6 mins 10 secs The Shudders ride the slipstream for Swindon Shuffle - Live at the Hive  Thumbnail
Billie Piper launches Shoebox Theatre Feb 25 2017 12 mins 60 secs Last night Billie Piper presided over the official launch of Swindon's Shoebox Theatre. Catch it here, along with a taste of their recent production 'Dr Faustas'  Thumbnail
'Jack Robinson' - The Mess Session alprazolam cheapest price Feb 25 2017 5 mins 49 secs The Mess Session give a rendition of 'Jack Robinson at the Beehive - in tribute to Swindon's 'Hammerman Poet' Alfred Williams.  Thumbnail
Abingdon Carnival 79 - MG factory Golden Jubilee Jul 1 1975 2 mins 8 secs In 1979 the MG company celebrated the Golden Jubilee of the establishment their Abingdon-on-Thames factory. Classic cars, including MGs, at 00:17. The young woman at 00:27 is wearing a sash bearing...  Thumbnail
Spook buying xanax in koh samui Sep 8 1984 56 secs Students at Media Arts get spooked amongst the props in the Town Hall basement  Thumbnail
Pink - Terra 45 Aug 6 2010 3 mins 3 secs Terra 45 perform at the Old Town Festival  Thumbnail
1 Day Without Us Feb 20 2017 3 mins 41 secs One Day Without Us is a national day of action to celebrate the contribution migrants make to the UK, to coincide with UN World day of Social Justice. Here is one of the main contributions that...  Thumbnail
The Last Deal - The Bataleurs Feb 15 2017 3 mins 24 secs The Bataleurs live at the Castle for Swindon Shuffle  Thumbnail
The Mela Jul 1 2008 4 mins 40 secs Swindon Mela has been a great celebration of the cultural diversity in our town. Here is a taste of Mela 2008  Thumbnail
'Doing that Time' - Mr Love and Justice alprazolam online sales Feb 7 2017 3 mins 46 secs Mr Love and Justice with 'Doing that Time' Live at the Beehive for Swindon Shuffle  Thumbnail online consultation prescription xanax can you buy xanax on silk road buy 3 mg xanax xanax brand online ordering xanax online safe purchase alprazolam cheap alprazolam 2mg