Our film and video library is extensive, numbering around 1000 items. In partnership with Western Film Archive, we aim to eventually make all of these available here for public viewing.

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Title Produced Duration Description
Wafflesonsdream - Jen Olive Mar 30 2016 3 mins 38 secs Jen Olive takes us off on a 'Wafflesonsdream'. live at the Beehive, Prospect Hill  Thumbnail
Swindon Literature Festival 2016 Mar 21 2016 7 mins 40 secs The fabulous Swindon Literature Festival is launched and the countdown begins  Thumbnail
Sitting on your Radiator - The Alfonz Jul 1 2010 3 mins 22 secs From the archive, The Alfonz look back at the Lydiard Park Arts festival  Thumbnail
A Hoot from the past Mar 22 2016 8 mins 3 secs Today Swindon reverberated to a sound not heard for thirty years. The replica hooter recently designed by Colin Hatch and affixed to Steam Museum was tried out at a special launch event, whereon it...  Thumbnail
Newspaper - Erin Bardwell Collective Jul 1 2009 3 mins 57 secs From the archive - the Erin Bardwell Collective live at the Vic for the Haiti Earthquake appeal.  Thumbnail
Reggae Recipe - Solo Banton Mar 16 2016 5 mins 22 secs Solo Banton cooks up a taste of summer with 'Reggae Recipe' at the fabulous Reggae Garden  Thumbnail
Shearing Sheep in 1956 Apr 1 1956 2 mins 28 secs Shearing sheep in 1956 - from the camera of Denis Winslow  Thumbnail
Everybody Got The Right - Harbour Project Feb 28 2016 4 mins 26 secs A fundraiser for the Harbour Project refugee initiative, this was produced by Commonweal School's performing Arts Technician, Nick Weaver, and several pupils. Find out more at http://...  Thumbnail
'Hide Out' - Pagan Fringe Feb 29 2016 4 mins 43 secs Pagan Fringe on the getaway  Thumbnail
'The Tree and the Leaf' Jul 1 1954 6 mins 51 secs An independent film from 1954 by Alex Morris. 'The Tree and the Leaf' is based on a dance performance piece that embodies a homage to nature.  Thumbnail
Devizes just before the war Sep 1 1939 1 min 4 secs A peek at Devizes as it was at the end of the thirties.  Thumbnail
'In the Rain' - S'go Feb 23 2016 4 mins 59 secs S'go with a wistful performance at the Village Fete last summer  Thumbnail
The Underdog - Street Orphans live at Lydiard Feb 21 2016 4 mins 8 secs The Street Orphans give a fesity rendition of their 'Underdog'. Live at Lydiard Park Big Arts Day in the rain.  Thumbnail
The Lawns and The Planks Apr 1 1948 1 min 26 secs A rare glimpse on film of the 'Lawn' - manor house of the Goddards. It was badly damaged during the war by occupying troops and pulled down not long afterwards.  Thumbnail
'Railway Town' - Trailer Feb 13 2016 35 secs Advance trailer for the new full-length film on the story of New Swindon: From how it was established by Brunel, through its growth and setbacks; right up until modern times. You can see the film at...  Thumbnail
Sunday Morning Bed - Steve Leigh Feb 11 2016 3 mins 21 secs Steve Leigh on that special feeling  Thumbnail
Sunshine After Rain Nov 6 2015 60 secs In November ITV's Good Morning Britain held a competition for schools to produce an Anti-Bullying video to link into Anti-Bullying Week. Wanborough Primary School made this one and came placed...  Thumbnail
Sunrise - The Shudders Feb 5 2016 3 mins 31 secs The Shudders mellow down a little with 'Sunrise'  Thumbnail
Swindon Charabanc Outing 1939 Jun 6 1939 5 mins 12 secs Swindon mothers take a charabanc outing to the Wye Valley, 6th June 1939, on the eve of the Second World War.  Thumbnail
This Drunken Life - Pagan Fringe Jan 31 2016 3 mins 1 secs More enjoyable shenanigans of Pagan Fringe, taken from the gig organised as a tribute to drummer Steve Carvey  Thumbnail