Our film and video library is extensive, numbering around 1000 items. In partnership with Western Film Archive, we aim to eventually make all of these available here for public viewing.

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Title Produced Duration Description
'Pollen' - live at the 'Bellfest' Jul 1 1994 3 mins 40 secs Rated nineties Swindon band 'Pollen' play the Bellfest in Old Town almost twenty years ago  Thumbnail
Feed Your Head - Marriage Oct 20 2013 39 mins 27 secs Does marriage have a future? How is it changing? Find out from Paul Archer leading a discussion at Cakes and Ale on Devizes Road.  Thumbnail
Reggae Daddy - Macka B Oct 19 2013 3 mins 33 secs Macka B - live at Swindon's Reggae Garden with 'Reggae Daddy'  Thumbnail
'Already Autumn' - Anna Page Oct 17 2013 1 min 60 secs Its 'Already Autumn' for a friend of Anna  Thumbnail
Monopoly - Swindon Edition Oct 11 2013 1 min 23 secs Swindon gets its own Monopoly board game  Thumbnail
The Wiltshire Game and Country Fair Sep 28 2013 2 mins 29 secs A last taste of summery days with the Wiltshire Game and Country Fair held at Bowood  Thumbnail
'Price Tag' - Emmy Fearon Oct 9 2013 2 mins 39 secs Emmy Fearon plays at the Core Juice Bar and Gallery on Devizes Road  Thumbnail
'Firecracker' - The Bataleurs Oct 8 2013 3 mins 31 secs The Bataleurs want to be your firecracker! - taken from a live recording at The Castle, Prospect Place.  Thumbnail
Feed Your Head - Conversation with a Crop Circle maker Oct 9 2013 10 mins 8 secs Extracts from David Marriot's conversation with a crop circle maker at 'Cakes and Ale' in Devizes Road, where you can find a genuine 'café culture' environment and at times...  Thumbnail
'Pieces and Reasons' - Mortdelamer Oct 4 2013 3 mins 33 secs Mortdelamer - live at The Furnace with 'Pieces and Reasons'  Thumbnail
Feed Your Head - What's the point of Prison? Oct 7 2013 33 mins 44 secs 'Cakes and Ale' in Devizes Road are making major contributions to 'café culture' for Swindon. Here's one from 'Feed Your Head' - their series of discussions on...  Thumbnail
Feeling Love - Ben McDanielson Oct 8 2013 3 mins 54 secs Ben McDanielson is feeling love at The Castle, Prospect Place  Thumbnail
Have your Civic Voice Oct 3 2013 4 mins 2 secs Here is a straightforward way to get involved in improving our built environment.  Thumbnail
Ole! Ole! Ole! - Cristofe Oct 5 2013 2 mins 35 secs Swindon Shuffle had a surprise performer this year, he told us he was a member of the gypsy king family of Catalonia and passing through. Here he is with a very Spanish invocation:  Thumbnail
The Remedy of Cake - Jen Olive Oct 3 2013 2 mins 11 secs Jen Olive has a solution to all your problems  Thumbnail
The Swindon News from September 1975 Oct 1 1975 3 mins 57 secs The aftermath of Watchfield festival, Massive fish deaths in a polluted Coate Water, and Swindon twins with Salzgitter in Germany. A young Shirley Matthias introduces the Swindon news from September...  Thumbnail
Lucky In Life - Jim Blair Oct 1 2013 3 mins 28 secs Jim Blair and his special slide technique live at the Beehive for the Swindon Shuffle  Thumbnail
Walcot face off Box Rovers Oct 5 1974 1 min 43 secs Here's your Dad playing football against visitors from Box Rovers almost 40 years ago.  Thumbnail
Friendly Fire - Kitchen Sink Dramas Sep 24 2013 3 mins 53 secs Live at the Hive - Kitchen Sink Dramas play for the Swindon Shuffle.  Thumbnail
Looking For Something ??? Jul 1 2012 7 mins 15 secs The lore of Lost Property: Our County Archaeologist, Clare King, gives us a fascinating perspective on the kinds of things people leave on the buses today.  Thumbnail