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Title Produced Duration Description
Daily Mail - The Stress Echoes Feb 14 2014 4 mins 49 secs The Stress Echoes with a great performance, live at the Beehive Prospect Hill  Thumbnail
Community Spirit - Ronald Brock Feb 11 2014 1 min 45 secs Ronald Brock receives an award for his services to the community  Thumbnail
Peachy Keen - Nudy Bronque Dec 20 2013 2 mins 16 secs Nudy Bronque whirl into the Swindon Viewpoint Anniversary Concert  Thumbnail
Joyce - A Swindon Life - The 1930s Feb 4 2014 15 mins 46 secs The third in this series contains Joyce Murgatroyd's recollections of early married life in thirties Swindon  Thumbnail
Beautiful Day - The Bataleurs Jan 28 2014 3 mins 48 secs The Bataleurs are having a beautiful day at The Castle  Thumbnail
Knife Machine- Nobot Jan 24 2014 3 mins 23 secs Creative image play with a Constructivist feel from the Lighterthief bunker  Thumbnail
We Go Out - Black Hats Jan 22 2014 3 mins 6 secs Black Hats go out for the Swindon Shuffle.  Thumbnail
Joyce - A Swindon Life - Teenage Years Jan 20 2014 16 mins 54 secs Joyce Murgatroyd tell us what it was like to grow up in Swindon in the nineteen twenties  Thumbnail
Wha Me Eat - Macka B Jan 12 2014 5 mins 20 secs Macka B encourages you to eat healthily  Thumbnail
Help Prospect Hospice Jan 13 2014 2 mins 9 secs Find out how you can help Prospect Hospice by being a box collector in your area  Thumbnail
Green Economy - Hydrogen Futures Jan 12 2014 6 mins 29 secs The role of Hydrogen is discussed in this section of 'The Green Economy'  Thumbnail
Viewpoint Anniversary Concert - Tin Spirits - 'Bodhisattva' Jan 10 2014 5 mins 53 secs Tin Spirits rock up the Swindon Viewpoint anniversary concert with a kicking version of this Steely Dan tune  Thumbnail
The Sound of Silence Jan 9 2014 1 min 46 secs Mary English has good reason to keep quiet  Thumbnail
Joyce - a Swindon Life - The Early Years Jan 2 2014 15 mins 18 secs Joyce was born in Swindon in the midst of the First World War. Here she describes what life was like almost a century ago. More to follow. Special thanks to Central Library Local Studies Staff  Thumbnail
I'm A Woman - The Teddy White Band Jan 5 2014 0 secs A first interpretation from the Swindon Viewpoint Anniversary Concert, with Anish Harrison giving a particularly powerful take on a Muddy Waters standard  Thumbnail
Green Economy - Fuel Poverty Dec 31 2013 14 mins 31 secs Fuel Poverty - Part 4 of the 'Green Economy' forum.  Thumbnail
Aerial Hoop - Emily Smith Dec 27 2013 4 mins 18 secs Emily Smith performs on the Aerial Hoop  Thumbnail
White Christmas - Charlie-Anne Dec 25 2013 2 mins 8 secs Charlie- Anne wishes you a Merry Christmas  Thumbnail
Stand Your Ground - Josh Kumra Dec 11 2013 4 mins 35 secs Josh Kumra performs live at InSwindon's Christmas event at Wharf Green.  Thumbnail
Its Xmas With You - Ethemia Dec 16 2013 5 mins 9 secs Ethemia know how they like to spend their Christmas. Here they are telling us about it at Wharf Green for the Xmas lights switch on.  Thumbnail

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