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Title Produced Duration Description
'What Have They Become' - Steve Leigh Jun 10 2016 3 mins 49 secs Steve Leigh reflects on some of the craziness in the world. Live at The Beehive, for Swindon Shuffle  Thumbnail
Swindon - Public Participation In A Future Mechanics (Wyvern Discussion) Apr 25 2016 6 mins 9 secs An audience member feels there is a disconnect between the people and those in power, and asks if people will be genuinely involved in the future of the Mechanics.  Thumbnail
Eastcott Neighbourhood Party 2016 Jun 5 2016 2 mins 58 secs It was a glorious sunny day today for the Eastcott Neighbourhood Party with 'Faldings Fandangos' - here are some snippets from the fun and games  Thumbnail
'Man In The Moon' - The Magnificent Shed Boys (Hammerman Night ) Jun 2 2016 3 mins 30 secs The Magnificent Shed Boys treat us to their rendition of 'The Man in the Moon' at the recent 'Hammerman' tribute night for local writer Alfred Williams.  Thumbnail
'Railway Town' - Wyvern Discussion intro May 30 2016 7 mins 21 secs First part - the introduction - of the discussion following the premiere of Swindon's new full length film 'Railway Town' at the Wyvern Theatre  Thumbnail
'Berlin' - Polar Front May 28 2016 4 mins 6 secs Polar Front for Swindon Shuffle with 'Berlin'  Thumbnail
'What Was' -Tony Hillier , Hammerman Night May 25 2016 1 min 24 secs For 'Hammerman Night' - a tribute to local writer Alfred Williams, Tony Hillier delivers a poem 'What Was'  Thumbnail
Fear in God - Mortdelamer May 20 2016 8 mins 37 secs Mortdelamer with 'Fear in God' at level 3 for Swindon Shuffle.  Thumbnail
Kids And Clay May 16 2016 1 min 35 secs Artsite presents 'Kids and Clay' - a taste from their range of lovely activities  Thumbnail
Sam Hall - Splat The Rat May 15 2016 3 mins 41 secs Splat the Rat tell the tale of Sam Hall. Live at the Beehive for Swindon Shuffle.  Thumbnail
Pinehurst Youth Club Disco 1976 Nov 12 1976 4 mins 27 secs Were you at this Pinehurst Disco 40 years ago? perhaps wearing your flares? One from the archive. Children present will be in their 50s now.  Thumbnail
Wagon Wheel - Bruce St Bridges May 14 2016 3 mins 23 secs Bruce St Bridges want you to be their 'Wagon Wheel' for the Swindon Shuffle  Thumbnail
A new hooter for Swindon Mar 1 2016 41 secs A replica hooter was mounted at Steam Museum to mark Swindon175 year. Sean Cantwell captured the process  Thumbnail
'Rosbif' - S'Go May 11 2016 6 mins 21 secs S'Go give a rendering of the traditional 'Rosbif' at the Mechanics Institution Village Fete  Thumbnail
A Swindon Affair May 8 2016 1 min 54 secs A local publishing fayre was held yesterday afternoon at The Platform under the aegis of Swindon Festival of Literature. Publishers of books, pamphlets and films were on hand to discuss their work...  Thumbnail
Everything (is Everything) - Mr Love and Justice May 8 2016 3 mins 23 secs Mr Love and Justice get it all in scope at the Swindon Shuffle - live at the Beehive, Prospect Hill  Thumbnail
Vinyl Revival May 7 2016 3 mins 26 secs The Central Community Centre on Faringdon Road regularly holds a Record Fayre, here's an impression of the day and the interest in vinyl.  Thumbnail
Re-awakened to the Danger - Black Sheep Apprentice May 6 2016 4 mins 44 secs Black Sheep Apprentice feel a warning coming on. Live at the Beehive, Prospect Hill, for Swindon Shuffle.  Thumbnail
Ismail Usman - Pride of Swindon Award Apr 11 2016 1 min 25 secs Ismail Usman receives a Priode of Swindon Award recently  Thumbnail
The Furnaceman - Colin Doubleday Apr 28 2016 2 mins 31 secs Colin Doubleday reads an Alfred Williams poem 'The Furnaceman' - for Hammerman Night at the Beehive - a tribute to the acclaimed local writer  Thumbnail