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Title Produced Duration Description
Pocketful of Change - Jim Blair Apr 14 2014 7 mins 34 secs Jim Blair performs 'Pocketful of Change' at the Beehive  Thumbnail
Cameo - Swindon in 1953 Jul 1 1953 1 min 34 secs From the collection of amateur cine enthusiast A.G. Morris, here are some scenes from Swindon not long after the second world war, including what seems to be the well known 'milk bank'  Thumbnail
Wrong Kind Of Girl - 'GTHIBT' Apr 10 2014 3 mins 53 secs Its the wrong kind of girl for 'Good Things Happen in Bad Towns'  Thumbnail
Shumbachena Apr 7 2014 7 mins 7 secs Local author Nicholas Stanton is interviewed about his new book 'Schumbachena'. Infinite8 production  Thumbnail
Dig For Victory - Swindon Allotments Sep 1 1952 2 mins 14 secs Growing your own food was crucial during the 1939-45 war and highly encouraged. We believe the film-maker Alex Morris, (A.G. Morris), a stalwart of the amateur cine scene in Swindon, was here re-...  Thumbnail
Damage - Anna Page Apr 5 2014 3 mins 8 secs Anna Page takes stock of the damage - live from the Beehive  Thumbnail
Joyce - a Swindon life - Ships Cars and Trains Mar 31 2014 13 mins 59 secs More reminisces from elderly Joyce Murgatroyd - here Joyce settles into married life just as World War 2 breaks out  Thumbnail
Rasta Soldier - Macka B Mar 30 2014 3 mins 56 secs Macka B at the Town Gardens Bowl, with 'Rasta Soldier' and some funky bass guitar  Thumbnail
Peter Pan on Ice Mar 29 2014 2 mins 14 secs Peter Pan on Ice is coming - find out about it here!  Thumbnail
Cristofe - Tu Sabes Mar 28 2014 3 mins 30 secs The last Swindon Shuffle hosted a surprise Spanish Gypsy performer. Here he is performing 'Tu Sabes' at The Castle  Thumbnail
Swindon Rugby versus Vickers Sep 14 1974 58 secs Swindon Rugby play Vickers forty years ago  Thumbnail
Georgie Boy - Kitchen Sink Dramas Mar 24 2014 3 mins 16 secs Kitchen Sink Dramas regale the Beehive with 'Georgie Boy'  Thumbnail
A Drive Around Swindon in 1952 Nov 30 1952 3 mins 42 secs How many of these Swindon streets do you recognise today? One striking difference with now is how people then clearly took responsibility for keeping the pavement outside their house tidy. This,...  Thumbnail
'Past is Past' - Moon Medicine Feb 22 2014 5 mins 21 secs You need to have your stereo LOUD for this one. Moon Medicine rock with the past.  Thumbnail
St Joseph's School Play 1975 Mar 30 1975 1 min 55 secs Is this your Dad as a lad? - St Joseph's School Play - from March 1975  Thumbnail
A Song From The Sky - Babytrain Mar 10 2014 4 mins 51 secs A Babytrain gig used to be a regular occurrence around Swindon. Here they are with a rare appearance at the Beehive and 'A Song from the Sky'  Thumbnail
Pinehurst Scene - June 1976 Jun 8 1976 3 mins 19 secs Pinehurst Scene - June 1976 Bill Bryant has some announcements to make  Thumbnail
Tune In title sequence 1978 Mar 7 2014 54 secs Tune In was Viewpoint's popular long running music programme of the seventies and eighties. here's a title sequence from 1978  Thumbnail
Reggae Garden - Solo Banton Mar 2 2014 5 mins 7 secs Summer looks like this - warm weather and a Reggae Garden party in the Town Gardens Bowl. Here's Solo Banton with a medley of reggae tunes.  Thumbnail
A Green Economy? - Transport Feb 25 2014 18 mins 18 secs Part 6 of this series on what a green economy would look like focuses on Transport - and includes asking whether Thamesdown Transport should be a business or a service.  Thumbnail