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Titlesort icon Produced Duration Description
Winner Takes It All - Emily and The Dogs Jul 8 2012 3 mins 7 secs 'Winner takes it all' from a set at The Castle, Prospect Place, in aid of Muscular Dystrophy  Thumbnail
Windrush Singers perform Madrigals Nov 11 1979 4 mins 50 secs The Windrush singers perform madrigals for Viewpoint, Sue Stevens introduces  Thumbnail
Windrush Singers - The Silver Swan Nov 11 1979 1 min 30 secs The Windrush Singers come in to perform 'The Silver Swan'  Thumbnail
Windrush Singers - Linden Lee Nov 11 1979 2 mins 12 secs The Windrush Singers perform 'Linden Lee' a poignant match for autumn visuals by Viewpoint  Thumbnail
Wiltshire Regiment gets Freedom of Swindon 1963 Sep 19 1963 9 mins 21 secs Wiltshire Regiment gets Freedom of the Borough of Swindon in 1963  Thumbnail
Wiltshire Radio's first anniversary Oct 16 1983 3 mins 58 secs We find out what you think on Wiltshire Radio's first anniversary (The station is now called GWR) Apologies foir the quality of this copy - does anyone have a better one?  Thumbnail
Wiltshire Radio chief talks Oct 16 1983 3 mins 18 secs Shirley Lawrence talks to the Head of Wiltshire Radio (now GWR) on the occasion of their first anniversary in 1983  Thumbnail
Wiltshire Lamb Nov 4 1977 7 mins 36 secs Find out how best to cook our home grown Lamb  Thumbnail
Wild Boys in Cortinas Apr 17 1978 2 mins 25 secs A music video made at Viewpoint Studios for the band 'Urban Disturbance'  Thumbnail
Widening Swindon's Bridges Jul 20 1957 4 mins 1 secs As Swindon grows and transportation increases the bridges in Swindon prove inadequate. Fascinating glimpses of widespread cycle use  Thumbnail
Why are we getting much more unequal? - Stewart Lansley Mar 30 2017 27 mins 54 secs Economist and Author Stewart Lansley explains to a local audience why we are now experiencing extreme income inequality, and the effect it is having on our lives  Thumbnail
Whole Life Crisis - Missing Rosie Apr 9 2011 2 mins 42 secs Missing Rosie have a 'Whole Life Crisis' at the Beehive  Thumbnail
White Horse Inn - a stage production Jun 1 1975 61 mins 5 secs A stage production of 'White Horse Inn' filmed by Viewpoint in 1975. We are unsure where and which amateur dramatic society performed, as records are incomplete; - was this the Arts Centre...  Thumbnail
White Christmas - Charlie-Anne Dec 25 2013 2 mins 8 secs Charlie- Anne wishes you a Merry Christmas  Thumbnail
Whipping Boy - Trickbabies Feb 4 2011 3 mins 26 secs The Trickbabies with 'Whipping Boy', recorded at the Beehive last year  Thumbnail
Where Do Flowers Grow? Jul 1 1953 7 mins 58 secs From the archive: A dance and dream-based independent film made in a run-down looking Swindon just after the Second World War.  Thumbnail
When I was a Girl Sep 23 1989 21 mins 51 secs Made on 16mm film in the film workshop at Media Arts (co-sponsored by Viewpoint), this drama portrays the rites of passage of a young girl growing up in Swindon shortly after the war. The young...  Thumbnail
Wheelz - I Can See Everything Nov 30 1979 2 mins 57 secs Viewpoint music video for the band Wheelz.  Thumbnail
Whats On in 1979 - with Sue Stevens Oct 14 1979 1 min 27 secs Sue Stevens gives us a run down on what was going on in 1979  Thumbnail
Whats on at the Wyvern - Spring 1979 Apr 16 1979 5 mins 16 secs Sue Stevens tells us what's on at the Wyvern in the spring of 1979  Thumbnail