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Title Produced Duration Description
Welcome to my Garden - Mr Love & Justice alprazolam online reviews Sep 15 2014 3 mins 9 secs Mr Love and Justice performing live at the Beehive for Swindon Shuffle, with 'Welcome to my Garden'  Thumbnail
The Cars We Drove order alprazolam from india Jul 1 1960 4 mins 4 secs These are the cars we drove more than half a century ago. Shot in and around Swindon in the early 60s. How many of them can you name?  Thumbnail
The Reggae Garden 2014 get alprazolam online Sep 9 2014 4 mins 33 secs A snapshot of the Reggae Garden that warmed the Town Gardens Bowl at the weekend.  Thumbnail
The Moonrakers - a Swindon gang alprazolam uk buy Sep 7 1954 1 min 18 secs Were the Moonrakers a Swindon gang? Long suppressed research apparently reveals so. Here we release unseen footage of them as they went about their activities sixty years ago.  Thumbnail
YT - 'Wicked Act' Sep 4 2014 3 mins 6 secs Head on up to the Town Gardens tomorrow for Swindon's warmest family festival. Here is a taster of the Reggae Garden, with YT performing.  Thumbnail
Lanesmeade School Play buy alprazolam europe Dec 6 1974 2 mins 48 secs These youngsters could be grandparents now, but here they are in their childhood prime performing a play at Lanesmead Junior school forty years ago. Do you know where they are now?  Thumbnail
Horn Man Blow - Tippa Irie buying xanax in australia Sep 1 2014 3 mins 38 secs Tippa Irie exhorts his horn section into action at the Reggae Garden family festival. The next Regga Garden is next Saturday - 6th September more info at // 07401477765 //...  Thumbnail
Developing Community Centres Sep 24 1983 21 mins 51 secs Peter Clyne gives a talk to the Swindon voluntary sector on development back in 1983. How many issues are still relevant?  Thumbnail
'Three Things' - Labradors Aug 29 2014 3 mins 31 secs Labradors live at The Beehive with 'Three Things' for Swindon Shuffle  Thumbnail
Odette visits Swindon Jan 21 1954 1 min 16 secs Back in 1954 Second World War Heroine 'Odette' visits Swindon to talk of her experiences as an undercover agent  Thumbnail
'Bedlam Boys' - Splat the Rat Aug 26 2014 3 mins 7 secs Splat the Rat open the last day of the 2014 Swindon Shuffle at the Beehive with 'Bedlam Boys'.  Thumbnail
Viewpoint records first Thamesdown Borough Council meeting Apr 1 1974 1 min 13 secs Forty years ago, Swindon Viewpoint records the first meeting of the new Borough of Thamesdown, here is an excerpt.  Thumbnail
'We Write Things Down' - Black Hats cheapest xanax in torn city Aug 21 2014 4 mins 19 secs Black Hats play Swindon Shuffle and perform 'We Write Things Down'  Thumbnail
Community spirit - Martin Parry cheapest alprazolam Aug 20 2014 2 mins 36 secs Martin Parry receives an award for media work  Thumbnail
Swindon Basketball versus Plymouth cheap xanax 2mg Jul 12 1975 2 mins 33 secs One from the archive: Swindon Basketball play against Plymouth in the National Knock-Out Cup  Thumbnail
Keep On Rockin In The Free World - The Shudders Aug 12 2014 4 mins 42 secs The Shudders rock up a finale for the last tune of the wonderful 2014 Shuffle. Live from the Beehive, Prospect Place  Thumbnail
Swindon's Other Railway Mar 1 2013 50 mins 33 secs Everyone thinks of the famous GWR but the Midland and South Western Junction Railway (The M&SWJR) also served Swindon on its way south from Cheltenham to Southampton. Here is a documentary about...  Thumbnail
'I Call It Art' - Big Casino Aug 11 2014 4 mins 48 secs Big Casino live at the Beehive with 'I Call It Art'  Thumbnail
'As You Are' - A.G.Morris 6 mins 31 secs 'All the world's a stage' - this cameo of human life is reconstructed from the collected footage of A.G. Morris shot on High Street, Old Town around 1952. It seems from the raw...  Thumbnail
'Eight Shades Away' - Ben McDanielson buy xanax uk forum Aug 2 2014 4 mins 29 secs Ben McDanielson with 'Right Shades Away' - live at The Castle for the Swindon Shuffle  Thumbnail generic alprazolam online alprazolam order cheap xanax pills