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Title Produced Duration Description
'Poverty is the Mother of Crime' - Lloyd Sandall can you buy adipex at walmart Mar 19 2015 30 secs A Lloyd Sandall entry to the Swindon Independent Film 30sec Microshorts challenge. Here he interprets the sentence 'Poverty is the Mother of Crime'  Thumbnail
'My Way' - Cristofe does phentermine affect pregnancy test results Mar 19 2015 3 mins 20 secs Hispanic take on Sinatra classic here at the ever suprising Swindon Shuffle  Thumbnail
A trip from Swindon to Clovelly in the 50s phentermine no weight loss first week Jul 1 1951 4 mins 7 secs Summer is coming and outings are on the cards. From the archive, here is a Swindon family's holiday visit to Clovelly 65 years ago  Thumbnail
'Rasta Rise Again' - Macka B Mar 10 2015 3 mins 39 secs Summer is coming - and that will bring the Reggae Garden to the Town Gardens Bowl. Here is Macka B with 'Rasta Rise Again'  Thumbnail
This Moment Is Your Life - VonGrey internet site Mar 9 2015 40 secs Here is Robert Von Grey's entry to the Swindon Independent Film Microshorts challenge. He interprets the sentence 'This Moment is Your Life' and used a moment from his own life when he...  Thumbnail
Vintage Transport Show Jul 1 1984 13 mins 19 secs Discovered in the vaults: Viewpoint takes a look at the Swindon Lions vintage transport show in July 1984  Thumbnail
Make It Happen! link Feb 8 2015 4 mins 15 secs A song and video from Nick Weaver to mark International Women's Day 2015  Thumbnail
'Too Many People' - Bone and the Bebops get phentermine out your system Jul 1 1989 4 mins 11 secs Blast from the past here and vital part of our local music history. Bone and the Bebops were a Wroughton group active in the late eighties and early nineties. Here they are with 'Too Many People...  Thumbnail
'This Moment Is Your Life' - Hetty Jee buy phentermine 375 mg Mar 4 2015 28 secs Hetty Jee's entry to the Swindon Independent Film Microshorts challenge - tell a story in less than 30 secs from one of five sentences. Hetty chose 'This Moment is Your Life'  Thumbnail
Birthday poem for the Folksingers Club Report Mar 3 2015 1 min 40 secs Swindon Folksingers Club has reached 55 years of age. Here Tony Hillier recites a poem for the club at its birthday party. You can find out more about the club here:  Thumbnail
'Lasting' - Stuart Quinn Add-ons Mar 1 2015 30 secs 'Nothing lasts - but nothing is lost' was the sentence Stuart Quinn chose to interpret for the Swindon Independent Film Microshorts challenge (make a short under 30 seconds long) . Stuart...  Thumbnail
Om Tare - Mantrasphere Carried on Feb 28 2015 2 mins 47 secs 'Om Tare' - from Mantrasphere Live at the Big Arts Day in Lydiard Park  Thumbnail
'Poverty; Mother Of All Crime' - Chris Povey site Feb 26 2015 30 secs Chris Povey's entry to the Swindon Independent Film Microshorts challenge. The sentence he interprets here is 'Poverty is the mother of crime'  Thumbnail
'Yo Ho No' - Tides of Change how to get phentermine cheap Feb 26 2015 5 mins 10 secs 'Tides of Change' get it on for Swindon Shuffle at The Furnace, Commercial Road  Thumbnail
'This moment is your life' - Oliver Rogers buy phentermine us pharmacy Feb 25 2015 45 secs Oliver Rogers entry to the Swindon Independent Film - Microshorts challenge. The sentence chosen to depict was 'This moment is your life'. Oliver is 17 and studies film at New College....  Thumbnail
Mind Awareness - Harry Toffolo and Andy Rowland Feb 25 2015 13 mins 23 secs Two Swindon Town stars discuss the need to raise awareness of how common mental health issues are - and the need to combat any stigma. Ex Swindon Town's Andy Rowland now works with Swindon Mind...  Thumbnail
'Kick in the Doors' - Black Hats Feb 24 2015 3 mins 26 secs Black Hats live at the Furnace for Swndon Shuffle - with 'Kick In the Doors'  Thumbnail
'15 Things' Swindon Independent Film buy phentermine amazon Feb 23 2015 30 secs An entry to the Swindon Independent Film 'Microcshorts Challenge' - the brief: make a short (up to 30 sec) film interpretation of the sentence 'Today I’ve identified 15 objects on my...  Thumbnail
Stagecoach - Teresa's School of Dance buy phentermine melbourne Feb 21 2015 2 mins 8 secs A performance of youngsters from Teresa's School of Dance on the Stagecoach bill at Lydiard Park Arts festival 2012  Thumbnail
New Day Rising - The Bataleurs can you buy phentermine at walmart Feb 16 2015 2 mins 43 secs Its a New Day Rising for the Bataleurs - performing here for Swindon Shuffle.  Thumbnail
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