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Title Produced Duration Description
'Temptation' - The Bataleurs Aug 25 2016 3 mins 55 secs The Bataleurs, live at The Castle for Swindon Shuffle, with 'Temptation'  Thumbnail
Another Pub Bites The Dust Jun 1 2016 8 mins 11 secs Local pub landlords outline the changing landscape of the public house  Thumbnail
Banana Boat Song - S'go Aug 24 2016 3 mins 57 secs S'Go launch into the 'Banana Boat Song' at the Village Fete in the Railway Village  Thumbnail
The Victorian Home Jul 1 1984 54 secs On the 10th and 11th of September Swindon's Railway Cottage Museum opens its doors for a rare glimpse of times gone by. Here are a few snippets from inside recorded in 1984. No guarantees these...  Thumbnail
'Jack of all Trades' - Dirty Old Folkers Aug 19 2016 3 mins 37 secs The Beehive is regaled by the Dirty Old Folkers - with 'Jack Of All Trades'  Thumbnail
Mechanics Trust Update Aug 9 2016 3 mins 52 secs Daniel Rose of the Mechanics Trust gives an update on the much loved building.  Thumbnail
Hollow Crown - Mr Love and Justice Aug 8 2016 3 mins 46 secs Mr Love and Justice live at the Beehive for Swindon Shuffle, with 'Hollow Crown'  Thumbnail
Recently diagnosed with Parkinson's? Aug 4 2016 23 mins 31 secs Are you - or is one of your family - recently diagnosed with Parkinsons? This video shows many ways of alleviating the condition.  Thumbnail
We Will Not Be Lovers - The Pagan Fringe Aug 1 2016 6 mins 37 secs The Pagan Fringe live at the Castle, Prospect Place, with some wistful observations on romance  Thumbnail
Alternative Life Drawing Aug 1 2016 1 min 41 secs Artsite offers another way to approach life drawing, check out this great resource umbrella for local artists at  Thumbnail
Traditional Wiltshire Sea Shanty - The Mess Session Jul 27 2016 3 mins 59 secs The Mess Session here - honouring Alfred Williams with a jaunty number from that most nautical county of Wiltshire. Live at the Beehive on Hammerman Night  Thumbnail
Vickers Armstrong at Swindon - Cameo Jul 1 1957 2 mins 44 secs The Vickers - Armstrong works at South Marston filmed just after the war - as the Supermarine Scimitar was developed and tested  Thumbnail
Swindon’s First Years - The Childrens Fete 2016 Jul 21 2016 31 mins 39 secs The first 25 years of New Swindon told in Theatre, Dance and Circus - courtesy of Swindon Dance, Prime Theatre and Faldings Fandangos  Thumbnail
Conspiracy Theory - Macka B Sep 29 2015 3 mins 59 secs Macka B at the fabulous Reggae Garden after dark - with 'Conspiracy Theory'  Thumbnail
What Is ArtSite? Jul 19 2016 3 mins 42 secs Find out more about this gem of a resource for the arts community  Thumbnail
Steve Leigh - Gift Of The Gab Jul 18 2016 3 mins 22 secs Steve Leigh - on having a way with words. Live at the Beehive for Swindon Shuffle  Thumbnail
Working with The Council - Wyvern Discussion Jul 17 2016 6 mins 33 secs At the premiere for the new fim on Swindon 'Railway Town' recently, the after discussion included the topic 'working with the council' in pursuit of a better town.  Thumbnail
Evil Woman Blues - Aural Candy Jul 12 2016 7 mins 24 secs Aural Candy Live at the Beehive for Swindon Shuffle with 'Evil Woman Blues'  Thumbnail
A Parliament For Europe Jul 1 1978 18 mins 58 secs In 1978 Swindon Viewpoint showed this film on the democratic basis of the European Union.  Thumbnail
Happiness is a warm satsuma - Matt Kilford Aug 9 2010 3 mins 56 secs Matt Kilford performs an acoustic set on a warm afternoon at Lydiard Park.  Thumbnail