Our film and video library is extensive, numbering around 1000 items. In partnership with Western Film Archive, we aim to eventually make all of these available here for public viewing.

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Title Produced Duration Description
Angels In The Slipstream - The Shudders Live Feb 27 2017 6 mins 10 secs The Shudders ride the slipstream for Swindon Shuffle - Live at the Hive  Thumbnail
Billie Piper launches Shoebox Theatre Feb 25 2017 12 mins 60 secs Last night Billie Piper presided over the official launch of Swindon's Shoebox Theatre. Catch it here, along with a taste of their recent production 'Dr Faustas'  Thumbnail
'Jack Robinson' - The Mess Session Feb 25 2017 5 mins 49 secs The Mess Session give a rendition of 'Jack Robinson at the Beehive - in tribute to Swindon's 'Hammerman Poet' Alfred Williams.  Thumbnail
Abingdon Carnival 79 - MG factory Golden Jubilee Jul 1 1975 2 mins 8 secs In 1979 the MG company celebrated the Golden Jubilee of the establishment their Abingdon-on-Thames factory. Classic cars, including MGs, at 00:17. The young woman at 00:27 is wearing a sash bearing...  Thumbnail
Spook Sep 8 1984 56 secs Students at Media Arts get spooked amongst the props in the Town Hall basement  Thumbnail
Pink - Terra 45 Aug 6 2010 3 mins 3 secs Terra 45 perform at the Old Town Festival  Thumbnail
1 Day Without Us Feb 20 2017 3 mins 41 secs One Day Without Us is a national day of action to celebrate the contribution migrants make to the UK, to coincide with UN World day of Social Justice. Here is one of the main contributions that...  Thumbnail
The Last Deal - The Bataleurs Feb 15 2017 3 mins 24 secs The Bataleurs live at the Castle for Swindon Shuffle  Thumbnail
The Mela Jul 1 2008 4 mins 40 secs Swindon Mela has been a great celebration of the cultural diversity in our town. Here is a taste of Mela 2008  Thumbnail
'Doing that Time' - Mr Love and Justice Feb 7 2017 3 mins 46 secs Mr Love and Justice with 'Doing that Time' Live at the Beehive for Swindon Shuffle  Thumbnail
A Fairer Future Jan 27 2017 2 mins 17 secs Representatives of around 60 community groups and organisations met at the weekend to plan for a fairer society. Catch a fun glimpse of the process, - as they finalise a Swindon Equality and...  Thumbnail
Delirious - Aural Candy Jan 20 2017 4 mins 12 secs Aural Candy get Delirious at the Beehive  Thumbnail
Modulation Sep 22 2016 8 mins 24 secs A study in Karma and connectedness, Modulation was a creative project conceived by Oliver Woodward and made through Swindon Independent Film collective - with equipment support from Swindon Viewpoint...  Thumbnail
Artpoint - The Alton Barnes Blogger Jul 1 2012 11 mins 25 secs Ray Pope began his Photographic Museum in the 1970s  Thumbnail
Tin Spirits - Old Hands Dec 31 2016 6 mins 44 secs Tin Spirits demonstrate they are 'Old Hands' at this game - for a Swindon Viewpoint Benefit Concert  Thumbnail
MAD - Where Do I Belong Jul 1 2012 6 mins 36 secs A group of students from Churchfields School come together to explore the politics of identity and civil war  Thumbnail
'Button Down Shirt' - Black Hats Dec 22 2016 3 mins 49 secs Black Hats Live at level 3 with 'Button Down Shirt'  Thumbnail
Our new Elephant Dec 16 2016 3 mins 11 secs Swindon gains an African Elephant! Find out more about Swindon artist David Lomax's sculpture at and the plight of the African Elephant at http://www....  Thumbnail
'Fisherman's Blues' - The Pagan Fringe Dec 14 2016 6 mins 35 secs Pagan Fringe - with a case of the 'Fisherman's Blues'  Thumbnail
Todos Ole - Cristofe Dec 10 2016 3 mins 14 secs A touch of the Hispanic hits the Castle on Prospect Place during Swindon Shuffle  Thumbnail