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Title Produced Duration Description
Global Tea Party Jun 27 2017 15 mins 28 secs At the weekend, Swindon City of Sanctuary and Christchurch Community Centre held a 'Global Tea Party' to highlight Refugee Week: an enjoyable event with a serious message. Find out more...  Thumbnail
Refugee Week 2017 Jun 24 2017 2 mins 47 secs Annie Vickers of The Harbour Project outlines Refugee Week at an arts event in Central Community Centre last night and Tony Hillier delivers a poem inspired by Artsite's current exhibition of...  Thumbnail
Different Pasts / Shared Future - Art Exhibition Jun 22 2017 1 min 40 secs This is Refugee Week - pop along to Artsite's No 9 Gallery in Theatre Square and take a look at the colourful exhibition that Swindon - City of Sanctuary have organised.  Thumbnail
What Will Keep Young People In Swindon? Jun 18 2017 11 mins 52 secs After the premiere of the film 'Railway Town' at the Wyvern Theatre a number of topics were discussed. here the panel were asked 'what will keep young people in Swindon?'  Thumbnail
A New Union Flag Jun 21 2017 3 mins 43 secs Respected artist Gil Mualem Doron made a special visit to Artsite Swindon last night for his new piece 'A New Union Flag' which reimagines the union jack to represent contemporary ethnic...  Thumbnail
Your Evolution - Dennis Costello Jun 19 2017 2 mins 55 secs Dennis Costello live at the Castle, Prospect Place with 'Your Evolution  Thumbnail
Swindon's Industrial Exhibition 1950 Sep 25 1950 2 mins 11 secs Swindon, home of great engineering, holds an Industrial Exhibition in 1950. Locations include the Town Hall and Milton Road Baths.  Thumbnail
Heave Away My Johnny Boy - Craig Boswell Jun 11 2017 2 mins 1 secs Craig Boswell live at the Beehive for Hammerman night - with 'Heave Away My Johnny Boy'. The evening was to honour Swindon factory worker, writer, poet and collector of folk-songs - Alfred...  Thumbnail
The Merchant Of Venice - 1950 Mar 6 1950 1 min 32 secs The Swindon Library, Museums and Arts Committee presents 'The Merchant of Venice' in 1950. The venue is noted as 'The Arts Centre, Regent Street'.  Thumbnail
'Nightfalls' - Aural Candy May 27 2017 2 mins 26 secs Aural Candy light up the night at the Beehive for Swindon Shuffle with 'Nightfalls'  Thumbnail
Mechanics' Trust 2017 Public Event - Public Input And Debate May 25 2017 35 mins 12 secs Coverage of the public input and discussion at the Mechanics' Institute Trust's 'Vision and Consultation' event held recently. (Final Video of 10)  Thumbnail
Mechanics' Trust 2017 Public Event - The Mechanics' Institution May 23 2017 9 mins 38 secs Daniel Rose outlines how the 22 year long campaign of the Mechanics' Trust to secure the future of Swindon's most important heritage building is now coming to fruition. A long awaited...  Thumbnail
Mechanics' Trust 2017 Public Event - The Carriage Works May 22 2017 5 mins 57 secs Daniel Rose outlines the long-term efforts of the Mechanics' Trust to secure the historic Carriage Works as a public asset in the conservation area. Its prospects and potential are outlined for...  Thumbnail
Mechanics' Trust 2017 Public Event - The Cricketers May 15 2017 7 mins 10 secs The position with the Cricketer's pub in Emlyn Square, along with its prospects and potential are outlined for later discussion. (Video 7)  Thumbnail
Mechanics' Trust 2017 Public Event - Milton Road Baths May 14 2017 10 mins 14 secs The issues currently affecting Milton Road Baths - a major heritage asset - are outlined for later discussion (Video 6)  Thumbnail
Mechanics' Trust Public Event 2017 - Current Initiatives May 12 2017 11 mins 1 secs The Mechanics' Institution Trust's current range of activitities are outlined and explained. (Video 5)  Thumbnail
Mechanics' Trust 2017 Public Event - Principles May 11 2017 7 mins 20 secs Daniel Rose outlines the principles behind the formation and operation of the Mechanics' Institution Trust and it's activities (Video 4)  Thumbnail
Mechanics' Trust 2017 Public event - Formation of the Trust May 10 2017 6 mins 9 secs The formation of the Mechanic's Institution Trust 22 years ago is outlined at the beginning of the Trust's March 2017 public event and consultation (Video 3)  Thumbnail
Mechanics' Trust 2017 Public Event - Introduction May 9 2017 5 mins 54 secs Daniel Rose launches the March 2017 public event and consultation of the Mechanic's Institution Trust. (Video 2)  Thumbnail
Mechanics' Trust March 2017 public event (overview) Mar 30 2017 1 min 41 secs Here is an overview of the recent Mechanics Trust public meeting and consultation. Many topics were covered over the evening and will be shown in detailed segments to follow. (Video 1)  Thumbnail