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Title Produced Duration Description
Everybody's Business - Perpetrator Mar 8 2018 4 mins 34 secs 5. If someone finds themself losing their temper in a relationship, what can they do? If you are becoming a perpetrator of domestic abuse, How to gain help is addressed in the final installment of...  Thumbnail
Everybody's Business - Refuge Mar 8 2018 4 mins 36 secs 4. If they find themselves in a violent or abusive relationship, women need to know there are other options. This, the 4th programme in our series 'Everybody's Business' outlines how...  Thumbnail
Everybody's Business - Young People Mar 7 2018 4 mins 25 secs 3. Let's help young people be aware of the dangers of getting into abusive relationships. In the third of our videos on the subject we look at some of the warning signs. Please share this with...  Thumbnail
Everybody's Business - Children Mar 6 2018 4 mins 37 secs 2. Children. Second of a new series of films Viewpoint has made to address the issues of Domestic Violence. This episode looks at the impact on children. Please watch and bring to the attention of...  Thumbnail
Everybody's Business Mar 4 2018 7 mins 45 secs 1. From Victim to Survivor. First of a new series of films Viewpoint has made to address the issues of Domestic Violence. Please watch and bring to the attention of anyone who should know the warning...  Thumbnail
' I Cursed Your Name' - Black Sheep Apprentice Mar 3 2018 3 mins 13 secs Black Sheep Apprentice, live at the Beehive with 'I cursed Your Name' - for Swindon Shuffle  Thumbnail
Swindon Jubilee Year 1950 Inauguration Mar 3 2018 2 mins 53 secs In 1950 the Borough of Swindon celebrated 50 years since inauguration. Swindon Film Unit was on hand to record the ceremonies, on what seems a misty day for Swindon streets.  Thumbnail
'Old Brown Ale' - The Magnificent Shed Boys Mar 1 2018 2 mins 12 secs 'Old Brown Ale' ( - thou art my darling). Performed by the magnificent Shed Boys for 'Hammerman Night' at the Beehive. In tribute to local poet Alfred Williams  Thumbnail
The Lydiard Chronicles - 'By Love Divided' Feb 19 2018 39 mins 41 secs Perfect for anyone who wants to know more about the history of Lydiard Mansion; Elizabeth St John introduces her new book 'By Love Divided' which focuses on more of the story of the St John...  Thumbnail
'Don't Pass Me By' - Dennis Costello Feb 19 2019 3 mins 25 secs Dennis Costello performs 'Don't Pass Me By' live at the Castle for the Pagan Fringe tribute night to Steve Carvey  Thumbnail
Small Victories Preview Feb 10 2018 43 secs A show for the young at heart evoking Swindon's record player history; catch it tomorrow, Sunday 11th Feb (1 and 3pm) at Swindon Museum and Art Gallery on Bath Road, - especially if you have kids  Thumbnail
‘Razzmatazz’ - Canutes Plastic Army Feb 18 2018 3 mins 28 secs 'Razzmatazz' -. Canutes Plastic Army deliver a rendition of Pulp's song of that name and its certainly 'noisy, showy, and designed to attract and impress' Music Video by...  Thumbnail
Success through Partnership Jan 16 2018 9 mins 46 secs Take a look at the wonderful work Voluntary Action Swindon are doing to support community groups around the town  Thumbnail
'Our Blood Is As Red As Yours' Dec 31 2017 11 mins 58 secs In the fifth and final part of our special series on Equality and Inclusion, we look at the work Swindon City of Sanctaury does for those who have suffered the trauma of dislocation and worse  Thumbnail
Because I'm A Woman Dec 30 2017 13 mins 28 secs Here is our fourth video in our series on equality and inclusion. This time we look at gender imbalance and the work of Swindon Feminist Network.  Thumbnail
We Deserve Better Dec 29 2017 7 mins 5 secs Winter is also a challenging time for many older people who, for a range of reasons, can be left feeling lonely and isolated. But it isn't only during this time that loneliness can occur. In...  Thumbnail
'Ghosts' - Polar Front Dec 29 2017 3 mins 42 secs Polar Front live at the Beehive for Swindon Shuffle with 'Ghosts'  Thumbnail
Just a Normal Person Dec 28 2017 12 mins 9 secs For many of us, the festive season is something we look forward to. But if you're experiencing mental health issues, it can be a challenging time of year. In this second film in our series...  Thumbnail
'Tales of Times Gone By' - Neil Mercer Dec 28 2017 3 mins 32 secs Neil Mercer and 'Tales of Times Gone By', performed at the Beehive for Hammerman night - a tribute to Swindon's Hammerman poet Alfred Williams.  Thumbnail
We Are All Brothers And Sisters Dec 27 2017 5 mins 49 secs Find out more about Interfaith - an initiative that provides a forum in Swindon for people of different beliefs, and promotes equality and inclusion.  Thumbnail