Our film and video library is extensive, numbering around 1000 items. In partnership with Western Film Archive, we aim to eventually make all of these available here for public viewing.

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Title Produced Duration Description
Robert Jackson, Swindon's MP in Europe Feb 11 1979 23 mins 27 secs Robert Jackson, Swindon's then recently elected MP came into the Viewpoint studio to discuss the workings of the European Parliament and where he stood on a number of issues  Thumbnail
Artpoint - Ken White Sep 15 2009 5 mins 6 secs Ana Kelly talks to Ken White a well known local artist and mural painter  Thumbnail
Swindon Town FC Roy Walsh Apr 6 1980 4 mins 56 secs George Thomas interviews Swindon Town's Roy Walsh for Viewpoint during the 1980 season  Thumbnail
Swindon Central Area Plan Sep 16 1979 10 mins 23 secs Swindon was planning a new centre in 1979 just as it is today. The planners brought a model to the town centre and engaged in a consultation with the public. It's interesting to make a...  Thumbnail
Swindon Town FC - Jim Allen Goalkeeper Nov 7 1979 5 mins 12 secs George Thomas interviews Swindon Town Goalkeeper Jim Allen for Swindon Viewpoint  Thumbnail
A Home of Our Own get alprazolam online Sep 10 1985 13 mins 60 secs Programme on homelessness made by the Cyrenians, Three homeless people are interviewed and the causes and need for intervention are investigated  Thumbnail
Polish Independence Day Nov 18 1984 21 mins 15 secs The Polish community in Swindon celebrate the Polish National day in 1984, a time when Poland is still under Soviet control.  Thumbnail
Moon Medicine: Calling You alprazolam rx online Sep 4 2009 5 mins 27 secs Moon Medicine shake the house again with 'Calling You'  Thumbnail
Walcot Players: 'Say who you are' cheap alprazolam pills May 3 1979 4 mins 53 secs An excerpt from the Walcot Players performance of 'Say who you are' in 1979  Thumbnail
Molly Tanner Dancers buy xanax 2mg uk Jun 3 1979 7 mins 44 secs The Molly Tanner Dancers rehearse in preparation for a performance at the Wyvern Theatre in 1979  Thumbnail
Erin Bardwell Collective: Groundwell Farm Sep 3 2005 4 mins 2 secs Groundwell Farm was a well known community arts centre in Swindon in the seventies and eighties. Here the Erin Bardwell Collective perform an homage to the centre, by now already closed, put to a...  Thumbnail
Peter Katin - Concert Pianist Mar 7 1979 16 mins 39 secs Peter Katin, renowned concert pianist, is performing at the Wyvern Theatre and gives an interview to Viewpoint's Spectrum programme  Thumbnail
Swindon's Magic Roundabout May 28 2008 6 mins 6 secs Last year Tom White made this short experimental film documenting Swindon's infamous 'Magic Roundabout'. Using layered sound and abstract images, the film is collaged with soundbites...  Thumbnail
Spectrum: Swindon Male Voice Choir Jun 17 1979 5 mins 24 secs Sue Stevens introduces a recording of the Swindon Male Voice Choir performing in the Brunel Plaza during the summer of 1979  Thumbnail
Spectrum: Union Street Mural brand xanax online Jul 15 1979 4 mins 20 secs Swindon was once renowned for its murals, though most have now disappeared. Here Sue Stevens looks at the creation of a long gone mural in Union Street that depicts key moments in Swindon history and...  Thumbnail
Spectrum: Thamesdown Ladies Choir buy discount xanax online Jul 15 1979 4 mins 5 secs Sue Stevens introduces a 1979 performance of the Thamesdown Ladies Choir for the Spectrum Arts programme on Viewpoint  Thumbnail
Demolition of Moredon cooling towers ordering alprazolam Jun 11 1979 1 min 19 secs Super 8 film made by Phil Bowes of the demolition of the cooling towers at Moredon power station  Thumbnail
Swindon remembered in 1979 Jun 11 1979 4 mins 7 secs Jeannette Duffy introduces a programme looking at Swindon from (then undeveloped) Okus Hill and discussing some of the changes that have taken place  Thumbnail
Moredon Power Station Chimney Demolition buy alprazolam europe Jun 11 1979 2 mins 15 secs Jeannette Duffy introduces a short piece on the demolition of the chimney at Moredon Power station in 1979  Thumbnail
Pinehurst Scene 11th November 1979 i want to order xanax online Nov 11 1979 13 mins 31 secs Viewpoint investigates the disco phenomenon in Pinehurst in 1979  Thumbnail
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