Our film and video library is extensive, numbering around 1000 items. In partnership with Western Film Archive, we aim to eventually make all of these available here for public viewing.

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Title Produced Duration Description
Boogie Nights buying alprazolam in mexico Feb 23 2013 4 mins 6 secs Watch out for Boogie Nights - coming soon to the Wyvern. here's a taster.  Thumbnail
The Swindon Harlem Shake buy real alprazolam Feb 23 2013 31 secs Swindon does it's version of the viral 'Harlem Shake'  Thumbnail
Winter of 1953-54 Jan 1 1953 2 mins 42 secs And you thought this winter was white? Here's the winter in Wiltshire sixty years ago  Thumbnail
Searching For Safety - Mortdelamer Feb 21 2013 5 mins 39 secs Mortdelamer give a spirited performance at the Furnace during the Swindon Shuffle  Thumbnail
A Family on the Eve of War Jul 1 1939 3 mins 36 secs A portrait of the Winslow family of Downs View Road, Swindon, in 1939  Thumbnail
'Girl Who Leapt Through Time' - Super Squarecloud buy alprazolam nz Feb 16 2013 2 mins 56 secs Super Squarecloud live at Lydiard with the quirky 'Girl Who Leapt Through Time'  Thumbnail
Marie's Oddities where can i buy xanax forum Nov 12 2012 8 mins 20 secs Find out about these Wiltshire curiosities  Thumbnail
Swindon News - through the mists of time - January 1975 Jan 31 1975 5 mins 43 secs To celebrate our 40th anniversary, each month this year we are showing a news programme from an equivalent month in 1975. Here is January's  Thumbnail
'Death By Record' - Black Hats Nov 10 2012 2 mins 43 secs Black Hats experience 'Death by Record' - Live from the Furnace  Thumbnail
Speak Up! - Cyber bullying Nov 12 2012 5 mins 60 secs Short film about cyber-bullying made in Swindon  Thumbnail
Peppery - The Score Feb 3 2013 2 mins 49 secs Peppery plays the Reggae Garden at the Old Town Bowl with support from the Friendly Fire Band  Thumbnail
Nightmare fire in Lambourn Mar 21 1953 2 mins 17 secs Newsflash - Nightmare fire in Lambourn - blazing tanker runs amok - in 1953  Thumbnail
Prospect Hospice needs volunteers buy cheap alprazolam Jan 29 2013 1 min 8 secs Can you help out Prospect Hospice with this? Find out more by clicking 'play'  Thumbnail
'Stayed all Night' - Good Things Happen In Bad Towns Jan 26 2013 4 mins 32 secs A sunny day in the park and some mellow acoustic from 'Good Things happen in Bad Towns'  Thumbnail
Swindon's brand new magazine Jan 24 2013 7 mins 7 secs A great new magazine for Swindon is launched this week  Thumbnail
Allsorts - Nudy Bronque Jan 11 2013 4 mins 29 secs Local talents Nudy Bronque with a great new single and music video to match  Thumbnail
Spotlight - Tides of Change can you buy xanax over the counter in uk Jan 18 2013 2 mins 59 secs Rhiana Young finds out about 'Tides of Change' for our 'Spotlight' series on local music.  Thumbnail
Descent of the Bull - Artpoint Jan 16 2013 2 mins 54 secs Examining a controversial painting from the Swindon Collection  Thumbnail
Crazy - Jess Hall Band buy xanax with american express Jan 14 2013 4 mins 20 secs Jess Hall band with 'Crazy' - live at the Children's Fete in Faringdon Road Park  Thumbnail
Henry Moore - Artpoint xanax buy cheap Jan 10 2013 1 min 38 secs We're at Bath Road Museum and Art Gallery again, finding out more about Swindon's wonderful Art Collection  Thumbnail buy 1000 xanax order xanax pills buy original xanax