Our film and video library is extensive, numbering around 1000 items. In partnership with Western Film Archive, we aim to eventually make all of these available here for public viewing.

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Title Produced Duration Description
Swindon Film Unit Newsreel April 1966 Apr 30 1966 1 min 41 secs Swindon Film Unit, a collective of enthusiasts, produced several newsreels during the sixties, usually on Super8 film. This one is from April 1966  Thumbnail
' St James Infirmary' - Teddy White Band Dec 29 2013 7 mins 3 secs Teddy White Band live at MECA for Swindon Viewpoint, with the blues classic 'St James Infirmary'  Thumbnail
Hot Steppers - at the Children's Fete Jul 21 2018 1 min 25 secs Hot Steppers open their set at the Children's Fete with a dance number  Thumbnail
'Fonzie' -SexJazz Nov 14 2018 1 min 4 secs SexJazz, live at the Swindon Viewpoint 45th anniversary gig, open their set with 'Fonzie'  Thumbnail
Window Wanderland Nov 7 2018 13 mins 52 secs Here's a great project to brighten up Swindon streets and our darker evenings. Watch Lucy's short talk and video and do consider joining in. There will be workshops with materials at...  Thumbnail
5th November Fireworks Nov 5 2018 6 mins 55 secs Miss out on the fireworks tonight? Here's a cracking display from earlier this evening, courtesy of The Beehive  Thumbnail
'Paperfire' - Grasslands Nov 2 2018 7 mins 31 secs 'Paperfire' live from Grasslands, performed at the Castle for the 45th Anniversary of Swindon Viewpoint  Thumbnail
'Landlocked' - Flour Babies Oct 26 2018 3 mins 35 secs The Flour Babies are 'landlocked'. Live performance at The Castle for the Swindon Viewpoint 45th Anniversary celebration.  Thumbnail
Swindon Film Unit Newsreel March 1966 Mar 30 1966 6 mins 42 secs Swindon Film Unit, a collective of enthusiasts, produced several newsreels during the sixties, usually on Super8 film. This one is from March 1966  Thumbnail
Hot Steppers with a song at the Children's Fete Aug 12 2018 3 mins 47 secs Hot Steppers get it on with a song for the Children's Fete in the GWR Park  Thumbnail
'Face for Radio' - Raze*Rebuild Sep 23 2018 3 mins 53 secs Raze*Rebuild - live at The Castle friday night for Swindon Viewpoint's 45th Anniversary celebration. Cameras: Ed Dyer, Alan Wang, Martin Parry  Thumbnail
'Worn Out Shoes' - Erin Bardwell Collective Nov 21 2013 4 mins 32 secs Erin Bardwell Collective on their uppers for the Swindon Viewpoint 40th Benefit concert  Thumbnail
Small Victories Aug 28 2018 30 mins 10 secs A show for the young at heart evoking Swindon's record player history; with gadgets, puppetry, fun and frolics. Held at Swindon Museum and Art Gallery;  Thumbnail
'Everybody Wants To Be A Cat' Aug 22 2018 1 min 54 secs This should make you smile! - Croft Schoolchildren perform at the summery Children's Fete in the GWR Park  Thumbnail
'Burn Me Down' -AJ & Bully Oct 19 2013 4 mins 56 secs Viewpoint is 45 years old next month. Here's how two of Swindon's premier vocalists helped us celebrate turning 40..  Thumbnail
Cameo - Swindon Trade Unions Parades Feb 9 1950 47 secs Trade Union Sports Day with Trade Union parades organised by Swindon Joint Trade Unions Committee. 2nd September 1950.  Thumbnail
'Stronger' - Colour The Atlas Aug 6 2018 4 mins 56 secs Swindon Viewpoint is 45 years old shortly. For our 40th anniversary one of Swindon's strongest voices helped us celebrate, with a song called - appropriately - 'Stronger'  Thumbnail
Swindon's Best Kept Secret? Jul 23 2018 5 mins 9 secs Find out why they call this Swindon's 'Best Kept Secret'  Thumbnail
'Downfall' - Black Sheep Apprentice Jul 22 2018 3 mins 43 secs 'Downfall' from Black Sheep Apprentice, live at the Beehive for Swindon Shuffle.  Thumbnail
Storytown - Roy Nash May 13 2018 40 mins 18 secs Roy Nash grew up in Pinehurst from the 1920s. Fascinated by photography during his youth, he eventually became the GWR Works Photographer. Roy tells us here of his life and experiences, including...  Thumbnail