Our film and video library is extensive, numbering around 1000 items. In partnership with Western Film Archive, we aim to eventually make all of these available here for public viewing.

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Title Produced Duration Description
Shore - NDE Mar 7 2019 3 mins 34 secs Shore live with 'NDE'  Thumbnail
Twenty Welcomes Mar 4 2019 16 mins 27 secs Children of Swindon devise a poem for Refugee week, form it then perform it in a joyous gesture of friendliness.  Thumbnail
Window Wanderland Mar 3 2019 4 mins 43 secs Across the town, and particularly the Eastcott area, residents are brightening up our streets with impromptu art. Here is a selection in this short film, but why not take a walk about and see for...  Thumbnail
No man is an island - John Ranford Feb 22 2019 3 mins 33 secs John Ranford describes what is happening in the Pacific and elsewhere as a result of inappropriate human activity  Thumbnail
How we were:1937 Coronation celebrations pt 1 Feb 11 2019 9 mins 34 secs A treasure from 1937. This film features most Swindon schoolchildren from that time, as they attend the Coronation celebrations at the County Ground. Filmmaker unknown, but it would be good to credit...  Thumbnail
'Insight' - The Flour Babies Feb 7 2019 3 mins 57 secs The Flour Babies with 'Insight'. recorded live at The Castle, Prospect Place  Thumbnail
How we were: Park North Summer Fete 1968 Feb 15 2019 3 mins 32 secs How we were: Park North Summer Fete 1968 from the 8mm Camera of Stan Ray  Thumbnail
Where has all the diversity gone? Jan 22 2019 3 mins 8 secs Where has all the diversity gone? Helen explains why climate change matters to her and why its an emergency for all of us  Thumbnail
The Children Invite you... Jan 26 2019 42 secs Local school children welcome you to An Evening of Welcomes and to the Premiere of their new film at Swindon Arts Centre on Monday evening. Find out more and reserve your free ticket here - https://...  Thumbnail
'Mona' - Teddy White Band Jan 21 2019 5 mins 34 secs Long time circuit-cruisers Teddy White Band here with 'Mona'. Recorded live by Swindon Viewpoint at its 40th Anniversary Benefit concert at MECA  Thumbnail
Mr Harmonica Man passes away Jul 1 2010 1 min 56 secs A much-loved local character has passed away and will be publicly memorialised this Thursday January 24th. Michael Nelder, 83, delighted countless Swindon shoppers with his harmonica playing in...  Thumbnail
Voice Box - Climate - Andy Jan 19 2019 1 min 49 secs Andy calls on Swindon Council to act on climate change.  Thumbnail
Jump Up - with 'The Tribe' Jan 7 2019 6 mins 5 secs 'The Tribe' get Swindon jumping at the lovely Children's Fete held in GWR Park  Thumbnail
VoiceBox - Climate Change - Linda Jan 13 2019 4 mins 32 secs VoiceBox is a place where people can give their views on important issues. Here Linda addresses Climate Change  Thumbnail
Central Area Residents Improvement Group Mar 21 2018 4 mins 23 secs Central Area Residents Group are growing, come and join in  Thumbnail
Mind - The Donkey Jan 7 2019 3 mins 34 secs A fable made at Christmas by Jaime Bullock, Carragon and Enid Bullock  Thumbnail
'Snow' - Colour The Atlas Dec 31 2018 3 mins 21 secs Colour The Atlas close their set for the Viewpoint 40th Anniversary Benefit Concert with 'Snow'  Thumbnail
'Young' - Misfires Dec 28 2018 3 mins 30 secs Misfires are feeling 'Young' - and live at The Castle  Thumbnail
Le Cirque de Swindon Dec 28 2018 4 mins 47 secs Darine Flanagan recruits for 'Le Cirque de Swindon' at this year's Children's Fete  Thumbnail
Splat The Rat - 'The Blackleg Miner' Sep 22 2016 1 min 23 secs 'Splat the Rat' live at the Beehive with the traditional 'Blackleg Miner'  Thumbnail