Our film and video library is extensive, numbering around 1000 items. In partnership with Western Film Archive, we aim to eventually make all of these available here for public viewing.

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Title Produced Duration Description
Cameo - Swindon Trade Unions Parades Feb 9 1950 47 secs Trade Union Sports Day with Trade Union parades organised by Swindon Joint Trade Unions Committee. 2nd September 1950.  Thumbnail
'Stronger' - Colour The Atlas Aug 6 2018 4 mins 56 secs Swindon Viewpoint is 45 years old this year. For our 40th anniversary one of Swindon's strongest voices helped us celebrate, with a song called - appropriately - 'Stronger'  Thumbnail
Swindon's Best Kept Secret? Jul 23 2018 5 mins 9 secs Find out why they call this Swindon's 'Best Kept Secret'  Thumbnail
'Downfall' - Black Sheep Apprentice Jul 22 2018 3 mins 43 secs 'Downfall' from Black Sheep Apprentice, live at the Beehive for Swindon Shuffle.  Thumbnail
Storytown - Roy Nash May 13 2018 40 mins 18 secs Roy Nash grew up in Pinehurst from the 1920s. Fascinated by photography during his youth, he eventually became the GWR Works Photographer. Roy tells us here of his life and experiences, including...  Thumbnail
The Tortoise is Coming - Real Cheesemakers Jul 8 2018 3 mins 60 secs Real Cheesemakers have a dire warning for you  Thumbnail
Travelling Man - The Tribe Jul 5 2018 4 mins 6 secs The Tribe regale the 2018 Children's Fete with  Thumbnail
Ladies Maypole Dance at the Children's Fete Jul 3 2018 2 mins 21 secs Here's a very traditional British pastime. The Ladies of Swindon dance the maypole up at the Children's Fete in the GWR Park at the weekend.  Thumbnail
The Global Garden Party 2018 Jun 25 2018 7 mins 12 secs Yesterday saw the Town Gardens looking lovely for the Global Garden Party - the final event of Swindon City of Sanctuary's Refugee Week programme.  Thumbnail
Storytown - Angela Atkinson Jun 22 2018 3 mins 7 secs Angela Atkinson tells how she has found Swindon after coming here from a small Derbyshire village  Thumbnail
Storytown - Valbona Doci Cenaj Jun 22 2018 5 mins 37 secs Valbona Doci Cenaj sought sanctuary in Swindon, she tells of her experience  Thumbnail
Storytown - Sandra Trusty Jun 21 2018 4 mins 18 secs Sandra Trusty tells of her experience of coming to Swindon and how she has found living here.  Thumbnail
Storytown - Martha Parry Jun 21 2015 7 mins 1 secs At the launch of 'Refugee Week' on Monday, Martha Parry describes migration to Swindon over the ages  Thumbnail
' Please Please Please' May 19 2018 4 mins 18 secs The Erin Bardwell Collective are asking as politely as they can!  Thumbnail
Civic Day 2018 Jun 20 2018 8 mins 54 secs Swindon Civic Voice organised 'Civic Day' at the weekend - and one of our most loved buildings got some special attention... here is Swindon Viewpoint's overview.  Thumbnail
Meet The Mayor - Junab Ali Jun 20 2018 9 mins 5 secs The Mayor of Swindon, Junab Ali, tells us of his background while introducing the film Railway Town and launching Refugee Week. Apologies for the disruption as the video closes  Thumbnail
Let's Hear In Swindon Jun 4 2018 13 mins 27 secs 'Lets Hear' addresses the problems hearing - impaired people face as they endeavour to live a full life. Presentation recorded at the recent Swindon Community Conference.  Thumbnail
'Your Embrace' - BGTO May 29 2018 3 mins 17 secs 'Your Embrace' from BGTO as they play The Castle for Swindon Shuffle,  Thumbnail
'Galway Girl' - The Bataleurs May 23 2018 4 mins 6 secs The Bataleurs live at The Castle Inn - with 'Galway Girl'  Thumbnail
Westwords - The West Swindon Long Poem May 4 2018 15 mins 40 secs Westwords, or the West Swindon Long Poem, was compiled over several months in 1997 and 1998 by twenty-eight students from Greendown Community School (now Lydiard Park Academy) and pupils from Brook...  Thumbnail