Swindon Link Story

Here is a link to a short item in the June 2009 issue of The Swindon Link introducing this site. Welcome to all new visitors who discovered us via The Link Magazine!

Visitors Report

Visitors Map - May 20th 2009

We thought you might like a little update on the numbers of people coming to this site. Its exceeding our expectations even at this early stage, we are still yet to announce the site in the press.

So far 760 people have come to the site and spent an average of over 11 minutes looking around!

The visitors have come from every all over the globe, the majority in Swindon of course, which is great to know but also there has been interest as far a field as Australia, China, California and Japan!

Guardian Activate '09 Summit

Guardian Activate '09 Banner

We'll be attending the Guardian Activate '09 Summit on the 1st July.

It looks like a great line up and we're hoping to pick up tips on how to keep the Swindon Viewpoint experience fresh and relevant to the people of the town. We're just starting on the path and for sure there is a long way to go. We know we'll need lots of input from you people using it so please keep sending in your great feedback.

From The Guardian's own site: "A new world order has begun to dominate almost every aspect of our lives. From politics and the environment, to education, the media and the economy, organisations and individuals are changing the world, united by a passionate belief in openness and engagement, and driven by the immense power of the internet."

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