Swindon Viewpoint on Paul & Spike Podcast A bit of coverage in the media this week. Spike from the Paul & Spike Show on Radio Six International had some nice things to say about the content on the site.

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Source Ok, this is a blog about another blog. Not that interesting in itself but if you are using twitter you can now follow us at

phentermine hives rash We'll do our best to keep this updated with the most recent activities here and what we are planning on doing with the site as it continues to grow.

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New Feature: Then and Now Today we are launching a new section on the site, Then and Now. We've launched a project in partnership with The Swindon Society and The Richard Jeffries Society to share with you a range of historical photos of Swindon. We are presenting these images hand in hand with a recent version, taken as best we can manage from the same location. We think this is a great addition to the site and look forward to seeing it grow to contain more and more content in the coming weeks.

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phentermine mouth side effects Both our partners have large collections of content, if anyone would like to help us with a bit of detective work, photography or managing the content then please get in touch!

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fu rther For more information on The Swindon Society, please go to and the Richard Jefferies Society,

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