Swindon Civic Trust and SW Planning Aid

(Message from Swindon Civic Trust)



Fun and interactive, this evening should help you understand Swindon planning decisions…(it’s only our future at stake)!

……and have a bit of fun as we go along…… bring friends…choose a table…have a laugh with the Swindon Civic Trust and SW Planning Aid!

Tuesday, 20th April 2010 at “Heelis” (The National Trust HQ, - Parking off Kemble Drive.)

6.30pm for Refreshments and 7.00 Start

Please book by e-mail:

Happy Birthday to Us!

It's official, we are 1 year old! Ok, well actually the website at is 1 year old. Swindon Viewpoint itself has been around for donkey's years. And as if you needed proof, why not checkout the great range of videos we have put online over the last year?

viewpointIf you are struggling with where to start why not take a look at the videos in the Featured section of the site and when you're ready to start looking around a bit further you can find videos made close to your part of Swindon by exploring the Map.

To celebrate our first anniversary we bring you a year in numbers. The last year gave us:

And as if on cue, this irrefutable scientific evidence just in. Viewpoint improves things at least 10 times! (see image)

Thanks for all the support over the last year. We've got a huge pile of tapes and film still to work through and will continue to load the site over the coming year with both new and old material. If you'd like to get involved and help then please get in touch!

We are mobile!

If you are a fan of devices like iPhones, iPods or Android phones you can now view videos whilst out and about.

You can take advantage of the 'Local Video' feature to discover items from our archive which were created close to your current location. If you have a few minutes spare at lunch time or are stood waiting for a bus why not dig in to Swindon's past and present to find out what is going on in your town!

In addition to this every single video in the archive is now available for viewing on these mobile devices. As we continue to grow and enhance the range of available content all future videos and images will also be accessible from the comfort of your palm!

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