BBC RPM Swindon

In 1984 the BBC West regional TV programme RPM devoted a show to Swindon, which included famous Swindonians Desmond Morris and Justin Hayward talking about the town. You can watch it on the BBC's site by visiting the following page.

Presenter Andy Batten-Foster also pays a visit to the Town Hall to meet the Swindon Viewpoint team.

Swindon Viewpoint Online

Hello and Welcome to

We're still putting the final touches to the site before the big announcement and madly digitising and uploading the fragile archive content. If you happen to have stumbled across the site and have any comments or feedback to give then we'd love to hear from you, get in touch by using the Contact page. We're especially keen to hear from people who may have specific memories of Swindon Viewpoint, the tape archive is huge and we need to know where to start.

Over the coming months the content available on this site will grow and grow to become a valuable repository of video content produced in and around the Swindon area.

We're looking forward to hearing from you!

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