A little bit of background...

I've just posted a load of info on the site about the technology behind viewpoint, a little bit of a 'through the years' but also covers what we are doing now and how we are running things. Hopefully it spurs people's interests to the point where they also suggest more we could be doing. Its a work in progress as ever....


Hyperlocal Media Experiment

Over fifty years since the launch of Swindon Viewpoint and the challenge to produce quality local content at an affordable price is still alive and well.

The New York Times are running an experiment with local bloggers, offering training and advice and publishing the best content. Traditional print news outlets are very much feeling the pinch during the recession and the ability to produce cheap 'hyperlocal' content is seen as the holy grail by many in the industry.

We're wondering what they could learn from Swindon's experiences?

New Features Added

We've added a number of new features over the weekend. You can now send emails to your friends when you spot a video clip you like. Its a simple way for you to help spread the word about what we are putting on line! And if you want to let us know what you think about the videos we are posting our second new feature should help. When you open the main view on any video clip you'll see a 5 star rating widget that will let you give feedback and see what others are saying.

We'll add some pages to help you find the most highly rated content at some point too. There are plenty more things we want to add in too, watch this space for news on that.

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